This handbook provides a comprehensive look at the study of gender and security in global politics.

The volume is based on the core argument that gender is conceptually necessary to thinking about central questions of security; analytically important for thinking about cause and effect in security; and politically important for considering possibilities of making the world better in the future. Contributions to the volume look at various aspects of studying gender and security through diverse lenses that engage diverse feminisms, with diverse policy concerns, and working with diverse theoretical contributions from scholars of security more broadly. It is grouped into four thematic sections:

  • Gendered approaches to security (including theoretical, conceptual, and methodological approaches);
  • Gendered insecurities in global politics (including the ways insecurity in global politics is distributed and read on the basis of gender);
  • Gendered practices of security (including how policy practice and theory work together, or do not);
  • Gendered security institutions (across a wide variety of spaces and places in global politics).

This handbook will be of great interest to students of gender studies, security studies and IR in general.

part 1|2 pages

Gendered approaches to security

chapter 1|12 pages

Violence Against Women/Violence in the World

Toward a feminist conceptualization of global violence
ByJacqui True, Maria Tanyag

chapter 2|10 pages

Gender, Structural Violence, and Peace

ByRonni Alexander

chapter 3|11 pages

Gender, Race, and the Insecurity of ‘Security’

ByMaryam Khalid

chapter 4|11 pages

Feminist Narrative approaches to Security

ByAkanksha Mehta, Annick T.R. Wibben

chapter 5|11 pages

Gender, Feminism, and War Theorizing

ByLaura Sjoberg

chapter 6|13 pages

Men, Masculinity, and Global Insecurity

ByPaul Higate

chapter 7|11 pages

Gendered and Sexualized Figurations of Security

ByDarcy Leigh, Cynthia Weber

chapter 8|12 pages

Do Queer Visions Trouble Human Security?

ByMichael J. Bosia

chapter 9|10 pages

Feminist Violence and the In/Securing of Women and Feminism

ByMarysia Zalewski, Anne Sisson Runyan

part 2|2 pages

Gendered insecurities

chapter 11|11 pages

Gender and War

ByJulia Welland

chapter 12|11 pages

Gender and Terrorism

ByCaron E. Gentry

chapter 13|9 pages

Gender and Everyday Violence

ByAlexandria J. Innes, Brent J. Steele

chapter 14|11 pages

Gendered Militarism

ByMaya Eichler

chapter 15|11 pages

The Gendered Political Economy of Insecurity

ByV. Spike Peterson

chapter 16|12 pages

Gender and Genocide

Two case studies
ByChoman Hardi

chapter 17|11 pages

Migration and Gendered Insecurities in Global Politics

ByMeghana Nayak

chapter 18|11 pages

Gender, Violence, and Technology

ByCristina Masters

chapter 19|11 pages

Wartime Sexual Violence

ByPaul Kirby

part 3|2 pages

Gendered security practices

chapter 21|11 pages

Embodied In/Security as Care Needs

ByTiina Vaittinen

chapter 22|10 pages

Gender Agency and Violence

ByElina Penttinen

chapter 23|11 pages

Memory, Trauma, and Gendered Insecurity

ByDavid Duriesmith

chapter 24|11 pages

The Gendered Myth of Protection

ByCecilia Åse

chapter 25|12 pages

Sex, Sexuality, Reproduction, and International Security

ByAnna L. Weissman

chapter 26|13 pages

Gender, Popular Culture, and (In)Security

ByLinda Åhäll

part 4|2 pages

Gendered security institutions

chapter 27|12 pages

Gender and the Un’s Women, Peace and Security Agenda

ByNicole George, Katrina Lee-Koo, Laura J. Shepherd

chapter 28|11 pages

Peace Processes and Women’s Inclusion

ByKara Ellerby

chapter 29|12 pages

Gender and Peacekeeping

BySabrina Karim

chapter 30|13 pages

Gender and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

ByLaura McLeod

chapter 31|14 pages

Gender and Security Sector Reform

ByMegan Bastick

chapter 32|12 pages

Gender in International Security Organizations

ByNatalie Florea Hudson, Laura Huber

chapter 33|11 pages

Gender and State Militaries

ByMelissa T. Brown

chapter 34|10 pages

Gender in Paramilitary Organizations

BySandra McEvoy