Undesign brings together leading artists, designers and theorists working at the intersection of art and design. The text focuses on design practices, and conceptual approaches, which challenge the traditional notion that design should emphasise its utility over aesthetic or other non-functional considerations. This publication brings to light emerging practices that consider the social, political and aesthetic potential of "undesigning" our complex designed world. In documenting these new developments, the book highlights the overlaps with science, engineering, biotechnology and hacktivism, which operate at the intersection of art and design.

chapter |8 pages


chapter 1|15 pages

What is critical design?

chapter 3|16 pages

The un-designability of the virtual

Design from problem-solving to problem-finding

chapter 4|15 pages

Critical operationality

Energy and Co-Designing Communities (ECDC) by the Interaction Research Studio (IRS), Goldsmiths, London (2010–2014)

chapter 6|11 pages

‘I prefer not to’

Anti-progressive designing

chapter 7|12 pages

Speculative design as research method

From answers to questions and “staying with the trouble”

chapter 8|14 pages

Inhabiting practices

Operating between art, design, science and technology

chapter 9|11 pages

A finger pointing at the moon

Absence, emptiness and Ma in design

chapter |15 pages

Hacking the semiosphere

The Ad Hoc Atlas: a manifesto as manifestation of undesign, V5.3: an exercise in reflexive (and recursive) design practice about design by design

chapter 11|13 pages

(Un)design, commerce and artistic autonomy

Site-specific art in China

chapter 13|14 pages

Undesigning borders

Urban spaces of borders and counter-practices of looking

chapter 15|12 pages

“Imagination wove this flesh garment”

Fashion, critique and capitalism