This highly topical book integrates theory and practice about children and their education provision in secure accommodation. Bridging the fields of education, health, and youth justice, it provides a unique interdisciplinary perspective outlining the importance of taking a holistic approach to the education and rehabilitation of children who are ‘locked up’.

The book has brought together contributors from across the UK and beyond to share their academic research, practical knowledge, and experiences working with children and young people. Shedding light on the intricacies and realities of working in the context of secure settings, the book is divided into the following five parts:

  • Contextualising the field
  • Practice insights
  • Case examples and models of practice
  • Inclusion and voice
  • Recommendations from research

Children and Their Education in Secure Accommodation unravels the complexity of the topic and offers ‘whole-system’ perspectives, as well as a child-centred view, on the issue of educating and rehabilitating children and the needs and rights of children in such settings. With unique and valuable insights from those involved in policy or provision, this book will be an essential text for researchers, practitioners, and students in this interdisciplinary field.

part I|2 pages

Contextualising the field

part III|2 pages

Case examples and models of practice

chapter 8|15 pages

‘Behind the headlines, inside the walls – teaching Britain’s hidden children’

Perspectives and practices within the secure children’s homes network

chapter 9|16 pages

A secure children’s home in Wales

Care and educational provision from clinical, management, and educational perspectives

part V|2 pages

Recommendations from research

chapter 17|15 pages

‘The banter levels are good’

Developing social and human capital through education

chapter 18|21 pages

‘Where are we going?’

Context and directions for policy and practice in children’s education and learning in secure accommodation