Patriarchs, Prophets and Other Villains takes as a starting point the hermeneutics of suspicion. The book illustrates the way in which texts and interpretations have been manipulated for the purpose of power and control. Through careful-counter readings it challenges the ways in which the female divine has been pushed back by relentless male interpretation and misrepresentation. The essays range across liberation theology and queer theory to sexual hospitality and the 'Song of Songs' as a challenge to hetero-patriarchy. The book provides an accessible resource for any student interested in the ways in which narrow readings of Scripture can become a power base for hierarchies of exclusion.

chapter |19 pages

The ‘Torafaction' of Wisdom in Ben Sira 1

ByDominique Olney

chapter |16 pages

Sarah: Villain or Patriarchal Pawn?

BySarah Rogers

chapter |16 pages

Huldah's Scroll: A Pagan Reading

ByGraham Harvey

chapter |18 pages

The Monstrosity of David

ByJanet Wootton

chapter |13 pages

Searching for a Queer Sophia-Wisdom: The Post-Colonial Rahab

ByMarcella María Althaus-Reid

chapter |8 pages

Taste and See; A Midrash on Genesis 3:6 and 3:12

ByDaniel E. Cohen