First published in 1973, this two-volume set summarises and structures the contributions by researchers at the Fourth International EDRA Conference, held in April 1973. The second volume focuses on the symposia and invited papers, which were theory orientated. The symposia comprehensively assessed the status of contemporary knowledge as well as potential future directions in the respective fields contributing to environmental design research. This volume also provides summaries of the workshops, which explored problem solving processes and offered methodological applications to environmental analysis and other topics of concern.

This book will be of interest to students of architecture and design.

part 1|46 pages

Invited Addresses

chapter |15 pages

Changing Contexts of Environmental Politics

ByLynton K. Caldwell, Arthur F. Bentley

chapter 103|12 pages

On Constructing a Reality

ByHeinz Von Foerster

part 2|345 pages


chapter 1|49 pages

Environmental Design Research in the Social and Political Context

ByJohn B. Calhoun, John B. Calhoun, Charles H. Kahn, Robert G. Shibley, Penelope C. Starr, Alan W. Steiss, Martin S. Baker

chapter 2|84 pages

Theory of Man-Environment Relations

ByIrwin Altman, Irwin Altman, Aristide H. Esser, Amos Rapoport, Raymond G. Studer, Edwin P. Willems, Joachim F. Wohlwill

chapter 3|79 pages

Environmental Cognition

ByReginald G. Golledge, Reginald G. Golledge, Gary T. Moore, Ronald Briggs, Martin T. Cadwallader, Ann S. Devlin, David L. George, Georgia Zannaras, Aleira Kreimer, Gary T. Moore, Alfred J. Nigl, Harold D. Fishbein, Roger Peters, Susan Saegert

chapter 4|47 pages

Selected Instruments and Measures in Environmental Analysis: A Methodological Critique

ByWilliam Michelson, William Michelson, Dagfinn Aas, Robert B. Bechtel, Gerald Davis, Virginia Ayers, Robert W. Marans, Donald Appleyard, Frances Carp

chapter 5|71 pages

Design Languages and Methods

ByCharles H. Burnette, Geoffrey Broadbent, Peter D. Eisenman, Mario Gandelsonas, Kenneth J. Hiebert, J. Christopher Jones, Richard I. Krauss, Chris McDonald, Thomas P. Moran, Philip Thiel

chapter 6|13 pages

Computer Aided Design

ByMichael Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Nicholas Negroponte, William J. Mitchell, Charles M. Eastman, Charles F. Davis, Peter W. House

part 3|121 pages


chapter 7|25 pages

Action Research in Man-Environment Relations

ByEdward H. Steinfeld, James Filipczak, Stephen Kerpen, David Marshall, Omar K. Moore, Leon A. Pastalan, James Chaffers, Donald Conway, Stephen Margulis, Justin Gray, Louis Sauer

chapter 8|4 pages

Implementation of Strategies Leading to Environmental Change

ByHenry Sanoff, Terry Alford, Gary Coates, Larry Goldblatt

chapter 9|1 pages

Environmental Management Workshop

ByPeter W. House, Steven C. Carter, Joel Gordon, Larry Taylor

chapter 10|6 pages

Environmental Assesment Methodology

ByEdward R. Ostrander, Tarja Cronberg, Robert Helmreich, Robert Hershberger, Charles C. Lozar, Sam Sloan, Lorraine Snyder

chapter 11|17 pages

Gaming and Simulation

ByBrvin J. Bell, Sidney Cohn, Alan Feldt, Daria B. Fisk, John Hershey, Margrit Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Phillip Patterson, Bob Proctor, Bruce Dains, Raymond G. Studer, Richard H. Hobson, Louis H. Summers, Edward H. Seeley

chapter 12|14 pages

Building Systems

ByGunter Schmitz, Robert Blake, Eric Dluhosch, Kim Judge, Walter Kroner, Dr. Edward O. Pfrang, Earl S. Swensson, Jack Warner

chapter 13|6 pages

Future Oriented Technologies

ByWolf Hilbertz, Edward Allen, Robert E. Lucas, Joseph Mathis, Renato Severino, Friedrich St. Florian, Michael Webb, Joseph Weber

chapter 14|4 pages

The Service Institution- Clinic Concept of The School of Architecture

ByJohn W. Wade, Charles Burchard, David Crane, Ibrahim Jamal, Sandy Greenfield, Ralph Iredale, Charles Bumette, Frederick Moyer

chapter 15|4 pages

Open Behavioral Planning

BySam A. Sloan, Dennis Green, Walter Kleeman

chapter 16|3 pages

Childhood City

ByRobin C. Moore, Rob Beasley, Jeff Hayward, Leanne Rivlin, Marilyn Rothenberg, Maxine Wolf, Maxine Wolf, Sidney Brower, Nanine Clay, Stephen Cohen, Roger Hart, Randolph Hester, Polly Hill, Florence Ladd, Alan Leitman, Robin C. Moore, Jose Muntanola, Cornelia Oberlander, Anne-Marie Pollowy, Lee Shaw, Dan Williams, Susan, Michael Southworth, Chuck Zerner

chapter 17|4 pages

Planning Environments for the Aged

ByThomas O. Byerts, Sandra C. Howell, M. Powell Lawton, Steven Demos

chapter 18|18 pages

Computer Aided Design

ByMichael Kennedy, Kurt Brandie, Jeffrey M. Hamer, William J. Kovacs, Donald R. Fullenwider, Charles E. Reeder, Edward F. Smith, D. Kernohan, G.D. Rankin, G.D. Wallace, R.J. Walters

chapter 19|5 pages

Low Cost Housing For Yaqui Indians And Chicanos

ByRichard M. Hessler, Peter Kong-ming New, Ramon Hache Jaurigue, Manuel Alvarez, Ramon Jaurigue, Mike Lugo, Peter Kong-ming New, Felipe Olivas, Leo Williams

chapter 20|3 pages

Subjective Responses To Acoustic Environments

ByIfan Payne, T. D. Northwood, Ron J. Hawkes, Bill G. Watters

chapter 21|4 pages

Relational and Analytical Intelligence in Designers and Researchers

ByRobert B. Bechtel, Rosalie Cohen, Sheila Campbell