Reflecting the dynamic relationships between socio-technical behaviour and change, this book presents leading research on the transition process needed to achieve more sustainable transport systems. Focusing on making transition happen, this volume looks at various aspects and factors that are involved in the transition process and their implications for transport policy-making. The concept of Transition Management and how it can be applied to the transport sector is considered in detail, and forms the focus of the first part of the volume. The rest of the book is organised according to the three themes of transport energy use and emissions, the role of information in policy-making, and the evaluation of transport policy. This volume brings together scholars involved in research from various disciplines and countries to discuss the relationships between policy instruments, individual behaviour, institutional practices and the transition towards more sustainable transport systems.

chapter 1|9 pages

The Complex Challenge of Transitions Towards Sustainable Mobility – An Introduction

ByHarry Geerlings, Yoram Shiftan, Dominic Stead

part I|106 pages

Concepts and Challenges

chapter 2|19 pages

Transition Management: A New Opportunity for Introducing More Sustainable Transport Policies?

ByHarry Geerlings, Jasper Lohuis, Yoram Shiftan

chapter 3|20 pages

Transition Management as New Policy Making for Sustainable Mobility

ByFlor Avelino, Nanny Bressers, René Kemp

chapter 6|22 pages

Short-term versus Long-term Dichotomies: Applying Transition Management in the A15-project

ByNanny Bressers, Flor Avelino, Harry Geerlings

part II|98 pages

Climate Change, Transport Energy Use and Emissions

chapter 7|18 pages

Characterizing the Impacts of Uncertainty in the Policy Process: Climate Science, Policy Construction, and Local Governance Decisions

ByDeb Niemeier, Thomas D. Beamish, Alissa Kendall, Ryken Grattet, Jonathan London, Carolyn de la Peña, Julie Sze

chapter 8|28 pages

Public Acceptance of Hydrogen Technologies in Transport: A Review of and Reflection on Empirical Studies

ByNicole Huijts, Eric Molin, Caspar Chorus, Bert van Wee

chapter 9|22 pages

Transport-related CO2 Emissions – Deconstructing the Trends

ByYusak O. Susilo, Dominic Stead

chapter 10|28 pages

Modelling the Potential Transport CO2 Mitigation Impacts of Available Policy Interventions

ByRobin Hickman, David Banister, Olu Ashiru

part III|55 pages

The Role of Information in Policy-making

part IV|85 pages

Policy Evaluation

chapter 14|16 pages

Modelling Responses to Congestion Pricing in Tel-Aviv: An Activity-Based Approach

ByYoram Shiftan, Issa Zananiri

chapter 17|20 pages

The Policy Implementation Process for Road Pricing in the Netherlands

ByDiana Vonk Noordegraaf, Jan Anne Annema, Odette van de Riet

chapter 18|9 pages


The Role of Instruments, Individuals and Institutions in Promoting Sustainable Transport: Concluding Remarks
ByDominic Stead, Harry Geerlings, Yoram Shiftan