European social movements improve the well-being of men and women but need further analysis through a gender-sensitive lens. Taking an international and cross-disciplinary perspective, this book examines the impact of European social movements on gendered political and material well-being. Insights from history, politics, sociology and gender studies help identify how social movements have been instrumental in changing individual well-being through participation and empowerment. These movements have contributed to collective well-being thanks to victories in health, sexualities, political recognition and access to material goods. The contributions pay particular attention to the role of women activists in social movements varying from unions and religious movements to the women's movement itself. The settings range from 19th century Catalonia to Switzerland and Poland, including studies on European transnational movements today and their impact on global gendered well-being. The authors consider how gender has been important in defining the goals, strategies and outcomes of social movements. Thanks to the international spread of contributions a comparative record can be examined. Together the authors provide unique and concrete illustrations of the role of collective action and the participatory process on transforming women and well-being in European societies. The book provides essential insights for students and scholars working on social and women's movements, European well-being and welfare, and transnational action.

chapter |10 pages

The Impact of Social Movements on Gendered Well-Being in Europe

ByAlison E. Woodward, Jean-Michel Bonvin, Mercè Renom

part |86 pages

The Transformation of Political and Material Well-Being and Power

part |109 pages

The Transformation of Intimate Citizenship: Bodies, Personal Capacities and the Intimate Conditions of Life

chapter |18 pages

Redefining Well-Being through Actions: Women's Activism and the Polish State

ByMagda Grabowska, Joanna Regulska

chapter |18 pages

Not Quite Women: Lesbian Activism in Portugal

ByAna Maria Brandão

chapter |19 pages

Intimate Citizenship and Gendered Well-Being: The Claims and Interventions of Women's Movements in Europe

BySasha Roseneil, Isabel Crowhurst, Tone Hellesund, Ana Cristina Santos, Mariya Stoilova

part |66 pages

The Transformation of Political Fora and Spaces: Making a Place for Global Issues and the Transformation of Women's Well-Being beyond Borders