By focusing on the wider process of negotiations, this novel volume presents the first systematic analysis of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The authors include outstanding scholars and relevant practitioners from across disciplines and various academic institutions around Europe and North America, but also from outside of the transatlantic basin. While presenting a thorough examination of the process of TTIP negotiations, the volume is divided into four parts with each part examining a broader theme and offering three or four shorter exploratory chapters that are accessible to academics, students, policy-makers and a wider audience. The volume explores historical and theoretical aspects of TTIP (with chapters by Gamble, Keohane and Morse, Telò), the beginnings of the TTIP talks and the role of individual actors (Mayer, Novotná, Dür and Lechner, Strange), TTIP’s possible knock-on effects and consequences for third parties (Aggarwal and Evenett, Duchesne and Ouellet, Zhang, Ponjaert) as well as impact on multilateral institutions and regimes complexes (Mavroidis, Mortensen, Meunier and Morin, Pauwelyn). The authors highlight dynamics which underline the relationship between the United States and the European Union and argue that TTIP promises to have vast implications not just for economics but global governance and international system.

part II|47 pages

Negotiations, Actors and Agencies

chapter 4|14 pages

Between ‘NATO for Trade' and ‘Pride in Angst'

The German TTIP Debate and its Spill-over into Wider Transatlantic Concerns

chapter 5|10 pages

EU Institutions, Member States and TTIP Negotiations

The Balance of Power and EU Foreign Policy

part III|57 pages

Knock-on Effects and Unintended Consequences for Third Parties

chapter 10|14 pages

China's Perspective

The Perception of TTIP by an Emerging Third Party

chapter 11|22 pages

From Noodle Bowls to Alphabet Soup

The Interactions between TTIP, TPP and the Japan-EU Free Trade Agreement

part IV|47 pages

Impact on Multilateral Institutions and Regime Complexes

chapter 12|8 pages

Let's Stick Together

The TTIP, the WTO and WTO 2.0

chapter 13|14 pages

WTO Oversight over Bilateral Agreements

From a Notification to an Examination Process?

chapter 14|14 pages

No Agreement is an Island

Negotiating TTIP in a Dense Regime Complex 1

chapter 15|10 pages

Taking the Preferences Out of Preferential Trade Agreements

TTIP as a Provider of Public Goods?