This volume makes a contribution to the ongoing lively discussion on European constitutionalism by offering a new perspective and a new interpretation of European constitutional plurality. The book combines diverse disciplinary approaches to the constitutional debate. It brings together complementing contributions from scholars of European politics, economics, and sociology, as well as established scholars from various fields of law. Moreover, it provides analytical clarity to the discussion and combines theory with more practical and critical approaches that make use of the constitutional toolbox in analysing the tensions between the different constitutions. The collection is a valuable point of reference not only for scholars interested in European studies but also for graduate and post-graduate students.

part I|88 pages

Multi-Dimensionality of European Constitutionalism

chapter 1|28 pages

The Many Constitutions of Europe

ByKaarlo Tuori

chapter 2|18 pages

A Default Constitutionalism? A Disquieting Note on Europe's Many Constitutions

ByEmilios Christodoulidis

chapter 4|20 pages

Constitutional Ideal Types in the Global Age: A Sociological Review

BySabine Frerichs

part II|52 pages

Aspects of the Economic Constitution

part III|75 pages

Aspects of the Political Constitution

part IV|64 pages

Aspects of the Social Constitution