There is increasing interest in accounting issues in China. Despite a relatively short history, China's stock market is the world's second largest. This growth has been accompanied by increasing demand for accounting information alongside reforms of accounting and auditing rules, as international investors have paid increasing attention to investment opportunities in this dynamic and energetic country with a large population and economic growth potentials. Despite this, at present there are few books which offer students, academics and practitioners a comprehensive guide to current accounting issues in China.

The Routledge Companion to Accounting in China fills this important gap in the literature. The volume is organized in six thematic sections which cover capital market and corporate finance, financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, taxation and internal controls. The structure is intended to reflect the increasing diversity of contemporary accounting issues in China, including a balanced overview of current knowledge, identifying issues and discussing relevant debates.

This book is a prestigious reference work which offers students, academics and practitioners an introduction to current accounting issues in the emerging market of China.

chapter 101|7 pages

Introduction to Accounting in China

ByHaiyan Zhou

part Part I|45 pages

Capital market and corporate finance

chapter 1|17 pages

Corporate Investment in China

Background, practice and research
ByGongfu Zhang, Yi Wang, Xu Lou, Xiaohui Zhang

chapter 2|11 pages

Irrational Markets, Managerial Biases and Corporate Finance

A review of capital markets in China
ByGuiru Hua, Huanda Shi

part Part II|49 pages

Financial accounting

chapter 4|14 pages

Accounting Standards in China

ByDeren Xie, Dengjin Zheng

chapter 5|11 pages

Fair Value Accounting in China

ByXiaohui Qu, Guohua Zhang

chapter 6|22 pages

Product Market Competition and Earnings Quality

ByLiquan Xing, Hanwen Chen, Haiyan Zhou

part Part III|79 pages

Managerial accounting

chapter 7|13 pages

Business Strategy, Managerial Expectation and Cost Stickiness

Evidence from China
ByTingyong Zhong, Jiangna Li

chapter 8|12 pages

Executive Compensation in China

ByNa Gong

chapter 9|38 pages

Equity-Based Compensation in China

ByLiping Xu, Xiankun Jin, Yu Xin

chapter 10|14 pages

Digital Transformation of Finance Function and Shift Strategy

ByXiaomei Guo, Liqun Yuan, Wei Gao

part Part IV|38 pages


chapter 11|17 pages

Audit Quality and Audit Fees in China

ByFeng Liu, Fan Ye, Xiaoxiao Yu

chapter 12|19 pages

Independent Auditing in China

A historic perspective
BySongsheng Chen, Qingqing Liu

part Part V|35 pages


chapter 13|15 pages

Tax Issues in China

ByTao Zeng

chapter 14|18 pages

Income Tax Planning and Earnings Management

Additional evidence
ByNanwei Hu, Qiang Cao, Lulu Zheng, Tingyong Zhong

part Part VI|35 pages

Internal controls and corporate governance

chapter 15|15 pages

Internal Control in China

Framework, practices and literature
ByWang Dong, Yun Ke

chapter 16|18 pages

Cash Flow Manipulation, Audit Opinion and Internal Control – Evidence from China

ByHaiyan Jiang, Huiting Guo, Grant Samkin