The Value of Events fills an important niche in the literature on events, being the first book to comprehensively deal with the subject of value creation and measurement, as opposed to impact assessment and programme evaluation.  Value creation and measurement is often done routinely from specific perspectives such as tourism, event management, corporate marketing, or customer satisfaction. However, there exist a number of discourses on value and evaluation that have not yet received adequate attention, including the justification of governmental intervention and the costs and benefits of hosting major events.


This edited book, written by an international group of academics with expertise in the relevant fields of events, tourism, sport and culture, offers new insight into events and their relationship to sustainability, social responsibility, cultural and social value. Fostering debate in the context of conceptual thinking, philosophising, multiple stakeholder perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches, it challenges the events industry, students, policy-makers and strategists with new perspectives on value, with implications for impact forecasting and assessment.


This is a book for all students pursuing degrees in fields where planned events are important topics, while being of great interest to researchers, policy-makers, evaluators and organisers/managers of planned events. Within a subject in need of further attention, The Value of Events offers the most comprehensive overview of event value to date.

chapter 1|9 pages

Definitions and meanings of value

ByDonald Getz, Tommy D. Andersson, John Armbrecht, Erik Lundberg

chapter 2|26 pages

The value of events and festivals in the age of austerity

ByEmma Wood

part 36I|51 pages

Value creation of events

part II|91 pages

Assessing the value of events

chapter 6|16 pages

The use and non-use values of events A conceptual framework

ByTommy D. Andersson, John Armbrecht, Erik Lundberg

chapter 7|19 pages

Event evaluation Approaches and new challenges

ByLarry Dwyer, Peter Forsyth

chapter 8|12 pages

Economic valuation of events

Combining methods based on revealed, stated and subjective preference data
ByReza Mortazavi, Tobias Heldt

chapter 9|23 pages

Valuing the inspirational impacts of major sports events

ByGirish Ramchandani, Richard Coleman, Larissa Davies, Simon Shibli, Jerry Bingham

chapter 10|19 pages

Understanding the value of events for families, and the impact upon their quality of life

ByRaphaela Stadler, Allan Jepson

part 178III|22 pages


chapter 11|19 pages

A synthesis, summaries and some ontological propositions

ByDonald Getz, Tommy D. Andersson, John Armbrecht, Erik Lundberg