Japanese Management in Evolution illustrates the significant changes that have been taking place in Japanese business by focusing on "emerging industries" in the relatively neglected service and "creative" sectors as well as other key industries, and to put those changes in historical perspective by providing an overview of business development since World War II. By employing state-of-the-art research techniques and unconventional innovative approaches in analysing Japanese management – including network and discourse analysis, ethnographic explorations, and more – the book reveals historical developments and in-depth analyses of established and emerging composition of sectors and industries where cultural capital matters. Throughout the book, the common theme conveyed to readers is a consistently strong message that the change is ongoing and the evolution of management style is real in the Japanese context.

The book would be of great interest to researchers, academics and practitioners in fields of global management, international management, and Asian capitalism.

part I|18 pages

Overview and introduction

part II|66 pages

Changes in governance, management system, and ownership

part III|70 pages

Breaks and evolution in the manufacturing and service sectors

chapter 5|20 pages

The decline of the Japanese flat panel display industry

Causes of failure and implications

chapter 6|20 pages

Monozukuri management

Driver of sustained competitiveness in the Japanese auto industry

chapter 7|28 pages

Who imitates whom?

A study on new product introductions in the Japanese non-alcoholic beverage industry

part IV|79 pages

Creative industries and cultural capital in new paradigms

chapter 10|18 pages

Culture as a new frontier of business

A study of service provider–customer interactions at Sushi Bars in Tokyo

chapter 11|23 pages

Japan’s high-end audio equipment industry in transition

Pragmatic valuation of “hi-fi” sound and valorization through networks

part V|77 pages

Managerial innovations, new directions, and emerging practices

chapter 12|25 pages

The evolution of the ICT start-up ecosystem in Japan

From Corporate Logic to Venture Logic?

chapter 13|16 pages

An emerging interpretation of CSR by Japanese corporations

An ecosystem approach to the simultaneous pursuit of social and economic values through core businesses

chapter 14|15 pages

The change and continuity of accounting professionals in Japan

Interpretive policy analysis perspective

chapter 15|19 pages

HRM research on Japanese organizations in the twenty-first century

Review and emerging research topics