As practitioner-researchers, how do we discuss and analyse our work without losing the creative drive that inspired us in the first place?

Built around a diverse selection of writings from leading researcher-practitioners and emerging artists in a variety of fields, The Creative Critic: Writing as/about Practice celebrates the extraordinary range of possibilities available when writing about one’s own work and the work one is inspired by. It re-thinks the conventions of the scholarly output to propose that critical writing be understood as an integral part of the artistic process, and even as artwork in its own right.

Finding ways to make the intangible nature of much of our work ‘count’ under assessment has become increasingly important in the Academy and beyond. The Creative Critic offers an inspiring and useful sourcebook for students and practitioner-researchers navigating this area.

Please see the companion site to the book, https://www.creativecritic.co.uk, where some of the chapters have become unfixed from the page.

chapter |22 pages

An Introduction In Five Acts 1

ByEmily Orley, Katja Hilevaara

part |97 pages

Folding outwards 1

chapter 1|5 pages

I am for an Art (Writing)

BySusannah Thompson

chapter 2|9 pages

Lyric Theory

ByP.A. Skantze

chapter 3|8 pages

Notitia, Trust, and 'Creative Research'

ByIain Biggs

chapter 4|8 pages

Writing Without Writing

ByEmma Cocker

chapter 5|6 pages

The Distracted Cyclist

ByG.D. White

chapter 6|5 pages

Footnoting Performance 1

ByMike Pearson, John Rowley, Richard Huw Morgan

chapter 7|7 pages

An Extract from Asara and the Sea-Mosntress

A play with theory
ByMojisola Adebayo

chapter 8|8 pages

Same Difference

ByNicola Conibere

chapter 9|7 pages

Critical Groundlessness

Reflections on embodiment, virtuality and Quizoola Live
ByDiana Damian Martin

chapter 10|7 pages

A Conjuring act in the Form of an Interview

ByAugusto Corrieri

chapter 11|8 pages

Yoko Ono Fanfiction

ByOwen G. Parry

chapter 12|5 pages

A Fugue State Of Theatre

On Simon Vincenzi’s operationinfinity.org
ByJoe Kelleher

chapter 13|8 pages

Writing with Fungi, Contagious

ByTaru Elfving

chapter |4 pages

Middleword One

What kind of writing do we do?
ByPeter Jaeger

part |89 pages

Folding outwards 2

chapter 14|6 pages

The Blind & Deaf Highway Woman

ByUndine Sellbach, Stephen Loo

chapter 15|6 pages

Writing about the Sound of Unicorns

BySalomé Voegelin

chapter 16|5 pages

Far Stretch - Listening to Sound Happening

ByElla Finer

chapter 17|6 pages

Instructions for Literature and Life

Writing-with landscape performances of joy
ByHélène Frichot

chapter 18|6 pages

Thirteen Points, Expanded (Excerpt)

ByKristen Kreider, James O’Leary

chapter 19|6 pages

Returning in the House of Democracy

ByBrigid McLeer

chapter 20|11 pages

Dancing Architecture; Architect-Walking

ByCathy Turner

chapter 21|7 pages

Dolphin Square to MI6 Walk - Produced by Disappearning, Almost

ByPhil Smith

chapter 22|6 pages

IT Moves

Reflections on walking as a practice of writing
ByMary Paterson

chapter 23|7 pages

In Departures, Not Departing,

ByTim Etchells

chapter 24|6 pages

A Stranger Here

Reflections from within Strange Pearls
ByChris Goode

chapter 25|5 pages

Elfie und Eleonore (Für Heidi)

ByHayley Newman

chapter 26|6 pages

Marking A Life

ByMitch Rose

chapter |3 pages

Middleword Two

The Critic as Gesture or John Malkovich's middle name is Gavin
ByMaria Fusco

part |84 pages

Folding outwards 3

chapter 27|8 pages

Are There any Pictures in it?

Creative practice as a serious research vehicle
BySimon Piasecki

chapter 28|6 pages

An Actor's Attempt at Sisyphus' Stone

Memory, performance and archetype
ByGöze Saner

chapter 29|7 pages

81 Sentences for Squat Theater Circa 1981

ByLin Hixson, Matthew Goulish

chapter 30|7 pages

Language, Lips And Legacy

A pedlar’s life for me
ByTracy Mackenna

chapter 31|7 pages

A Series of Continuous Accidents

ByRajni Shah

chapter 32|9 pages

The Construction of Self(IES)

ByJoanne ‘Bob’ Whalley, Lee Miller

chapter 33|8 pages

The Path on the Floor and Other Uses of Hand-Drawing

ByKaren Christopher

chapter 34|6 pages

Searching for 'The Bandaged Place' 1

ByLouise Tondeur

chapter 35|6 pages

The Catalogue for the Public Library of Private Acts

ByJohanna Linsley

chapter 36|7 pages

Field Notes from a Choreographic Practice

ByLucy Cash

chapter 37|5 pages


ByDouglas Kearney

chapter |2 pages

Middleword Three

ByTimothy Mathews

chapter |4 pages


ByJane Rendell