New Directions for Research in Foreign Language Education brings together contributions by reputed scholars that examine the challenges, opportunities, and benefits of teaching and learning foreign languages. With a particular focus on languages other than English, the book looks at the socio-political dimension of language learning and teaching and the need to re-theorize multilingualism for our age. The volume includes a range of perspectives, from language teaching as an act of reconciliation to language learning across the lifespan, from innovations in assessment and curriculum to critical appraisals of pedagogy and textbook materials. Each chapter presents a clear case study drawn from diverse contexts to illustrate the different concerns of the contributors. The book is a valuable resource for all students, teachers, teacher educators and researchers who share an interest in researching multilingualism and the different facets of teaching and learning foreign languages. 

chapter |7 pages


BySimon Coffey, Ursula Wingate

part 1|54 pages

Changing Rationales for Language Study

chapter 1|19 pages

Navigating Precarious Territory

Teaching Turkish in Greek-Cypriot Classrooms
ByPanayiota Charalambous, Constadina Charalambous, Ben Rampton

chapter 2|17 pages

Language Learning as Opportunity across the LifeSpan

The Transfuge Narrative
BySimon Coffey

chapter 3|18 pages

Foreign Language Teaching for Citizenship Development

ByMairin Hennebry

part 2|50 pages

Foreign Language Study for Global Multilingualism

chapter 4|16 pages

Not English but English-within-Multilingualism

ByJennifer Jenkins

chapter 5|18 pages

‘Glocal Languages’

The ‘Globalness’ and the ‘Localness’ of World Languages
ByManuela Guilherme

chapter 6|16 pages

Language Socialisation during Study Abroad

Researching Social Interaction Outside the Classroom
ByRachel Shively

part 3|51 pages

Critical Perspectives in the Classroom

chapter 7|19 pages

French Language Textbooks as Ideologically Imbued Cultural Artefacts

Political Economy, Neoliberalism and (Self-) Branding
ByDavid Block, John Gray

part 4|58 pages

Innovations in Policy and Practice

chapter 11|17 pages

Embedding the Assessment into the Learning

A New Direction for High-Stakes Speaking Assessments
ByMartin East

chapter 12|23 pages

Toward a Framework for US Collegiate Foreign Language Instruction

Curricular Considerations
ByHeidi Byrnes

chapter |5 pages


ByClaire Kramsch