This comprehensive volume explores various forms of violence in health care settings. Using a broad range of critical approaches in the field of anthropology, cultural studies, gender studies, political philosophy and sociology, it examines violence following three definite yet interrelated streams: institutional and managerial violence against health care workers or patients; horizontal violence amongst health care providers and finally, patients' violence towards health care providers. Drawing together the latest research from Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US, (Re)Thinking Violence in Health Care Settings engages with the work of critical theorists such as Bourdieu, Butler, Foucault, Latour, and Zizek, amongst others, to address the issue of violence and theorise its workings in creative and controversial ways. As such, it will be of interest to sociologists and anthropologists with research expertise in health, medicine, violence and organisations, as well as to health care professionals.

chapter |18 pages

Introduction (Re)thinking Violence in Health Care Settings

ByDave Holmes, Trudy Rudge, Amélie Perron, Isabelle St-Pierre

part |2 pages

Part tHree PatIents’ VIOlence

chapter 16|16 pages

Prison Nursing: Managing the Threats to Caring

ByElizabeth Walsh