For many years, legislators around the world have responded to the particular needs of consumers by introducing dedicated rules for consumer sales contracts. In the European Union, a significant push came through the adoption of the Consumer Sales Directive (99/44/EC). Elsewhere in the world, legislation focusing on consumer sales contracts has been introduced, for example in New Zealand and Australia. This book offers a snapshot of the current state of consumer sales law in a range of jurisdictions around the globe. It provides both an overview of the law in selected jurisdictions and compares the application of these rules in the context of two case scenarios.

chapter |14 pages

Comparative consumer sales law – introduction

ByGeraint Howells, Christian Twigg-Flesner

chapter 1|16 pages

Consumer sales law in Australia

ByGail Pearson

chapter 2|17 pages

Consumer sales law in the European Union

ByMateja Durovic

chapter 3|21 pages

Consumer sales law in Germany

ByAndré Janssen

chapter 4|13 pages

Consumer sales law in Hong Kong

ByChen Lei, Geraint Howells

chapter 5|13 pages

Consumer sales law in People’s Republic of China

ByShiyuan Han

chapter 6|18 pages

Consumer sales law in New Zealand

ByChris Nicoll

chapter 7|15 pages

Singapore consumer law

ByGary Low

chapter 8|18 pages

Consumer sales law in the United Kingdom

ByChristian Twigg-Flesner

chapter 9|19 pages

Consumer sales law in the United States

ByLarry A. DiMatteo

chapter 10|18 pages

Consumer sales law in Vietnam

ByNguyen Van Cuong