Counselling Ideologies draws our attention to the dilemmas inherent within the therapeutic ideologies commonly subscribed to by psychotherapists and counsellors working with those who challenge heteronormative models and approaches. Identifying the modernist, heteronormative understandings of the world implicit in the more popular models, this book employs queer theory to challenge these ideologies, drawing on disciplines both within and outside of counselling and psychology, as well as sociology, cultural studies and various ethnographic accounts. It highlights the dilemmas faced by those who may wish to practise as 'queer therapists', addressing not only therapeutic dilemmas, but also issues such as: identity, race, coming-out experiences, 'internalised homophobia', 'empathy', 'ethical issues', bisexuality and pathologisation. Comprising contributions from both academic experts and practitioners from the UK, USA and Australia, this book represents a new approach to counselling and psychotherapy that will appeal not only to sociologists and those working in the field of mental health, but also to scholars of race and ethnicity, gender, queer studies and queer theory.

part I|90 pages

De/Heterosexualising Therapy

chapter |4 pages


ByLyndsey Moon

chapter 1|24 pages

Anti-Sectarian, Queer, Client-Centredness

A Re-Iteration of Respect in Therapy
ByTina Livingstone

chapter 2|20 pages

Queerying Freud

On Using Psychoanalysis with Sexual Minority Clients
ByIan Hodges

chapter 3|20 pages

Queer Family Therapy – A Contradiction in Terms?

ByAlex Iantaffi

chapter 4|20 pages

Towards a Queer Praxis

The Democratization of Feeling
ByLyndsey Moon

part II|142 pages

Relations of Resistance and Contestation

chapter 5|12 pages

Heteronormativity and Queer Youth Resistance

Reversing the Discourse
ByJulie Tilsen, David Nylund

chapter 6|18 pages

The Colour of Queer

ByCatherine Butler, Roshan das Nair, Sonya Thomas

chapter 7|20 pages

‘I Did It My Way …'

Relationship Issues for Bisexual People
ByChristian Klesse

chapter 8|24 pages

Multiple Identities, Multiple Realities

Lesbian, Gay and Queer Lives in the North East of England
ByMark Casey

chapter 9|34 pages

Beyond Cisgenderism

Counselling People with Non-Assigned Gender Identities
ByY. Gavriel Ansara

chapter 10|18 pages

Azima ila Hayati – An Invitation in to My Life

Narrative Conversations about Sexual Identity
BySekneh Beckett

chapter 11|14 pages

Cultural Competence with BDSM Lifestyles

ByDossie Easton