It has been over 60 years since David Riesman’s most famous work The Lonely Crowd brought him international acclaim. While this remains a best-selling sociology book, Riesman’s expertise and publications spanned far beyond the treatment of the American social character type offered there. This volume recasts and reintroduces Riesman by presenting newly discovered and unpublished manuscripts of his work, including excerpts from a previously unpublished critical biography of Freud that Riesman began with this assistant at the time, Philip Rieff, an interview in which Riesman describes in detail his early biography and his route into the social sciences, and other research notes and memoranda. With additional chapters analyzing the unpublished works, as well as discussions of Riesman as a public intellectual, his multi-disciplinary method of understanding society and his connections with figures such as Goffman and Fromm, this book will appeal to scholars of sociology, social theory and the history of American social science.

chapter |8 pages

Series Editor's Introduction

ByStjepan Mestrovic

part |141 pages

Riesman's Unpublished Works

chapter |18 pages

The American Character in our Changing Society

ByDavid Riesman

chapter |15 pages

American Values

Shifts in the Valuation of Commodities
ByDavid Riesman

chapter |10 pages

The Berlin Crisis

ByErich Fromm, David Riesman

chapter |12 pages

The Impact of Freudian Thought in American Education

Some Observations
ByDavid Riesman

chapter |26 pages


A Study in Ambivalence
ByDavid Riesman, Philip Rieff

chapter |6 pages

Conversation on a Plane

Notes on This and That
ByDavid Riesman

chapter |36 pages

The Structure of Party Conversation

ByRobert J. Potter, David Riesman, Jeanne Watson Eisenstadt

part |136 pages

Riesman's Life, Work and Legacy

chapter |14 pages

Toward the Lonely Crowd

A Report on an Interview with David Riesman
ByRupert Wilkinson

chapter |14 pages

Reflections upon my Interview with David Riesman

ByStjepan Mestrovic

chapter |10 pages

David Riesman's Mission

ByMichael Maccoby

chapter |16 pages

A Minority Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century

ByJesus A. Garcia

chapter |22 pages

David Riesman and Higher Education Revisited

The State of the American University Then and Now
ByJoe Galbo, Miriam Jones

chapter |19 pages

Strange Cultural Bedfellows

David Riesman, Erving Goffman, and Structures of Alienation
ByMarcus Aldredge, B. Garrick Harden