The central premise of Design for Transport is that the designer's role is to approach design for transport from the point of view of the user. People have a collection of wants and needs and a significant proportion of them are to do with their requirements for mobility. The authors show how creative designers can take a user-focused approach for a wide range of types of transport products and systems. In so doing their starting point is one of creative dissatisfaction with what is currently available, and their specialist capability is in imagining and developing new solutions which respond to that opportunity. How this is tackled varies depending on the context, and the variety of solutions produced reflects the different aspirations and needs of the people they are designing for. The chapters cover user needs and transport, design and the transport system, transport design case studies, and the case for the automobile. A conclusion briefly signals what the future for transport design might be. Lavishly illustrated throughout in four-colour, Design for Transport, is an imaginative and rigorous guide to how designers can take a user-centred and socially responsible approach to tackling a range of types of transport, from systems to products and from bicycles to automobiles, demonstrating a rich array of solutions through case studies.

chapter |18 pages


ByMike Tovey

part 1|86 pages

User Needs and Transport

chapter 1|50 pages

User-Centred Transport Design and User Needs

ByAndrée Woodcock

chapter 2|34 pages

User-centred Information Design for the Traveller

ByClive Richards

part 2|32 pages

Design and the Transport System

chapter 3|14 pages

Transport Planning

ByStephen Potter

chapter 4|16 pages

Transport Interchanges and the Integration Design Challenge

ByStephen Potter

part 3|132 pages

Transport Design Case Studies

chapter 5|28 pages

Design for Public Transport

ByElaine Mackie

chapter 6|34 pages

Bicycle Design

Creativity and Innovation
ByRobin Roy, Mike Tovey

chapter 7|52 pages


ByBrian Clough

chapter 8|16 pages

The Design and Development of Microcab

A Case Study
ByMike Tovey

part 4|84 pages

Transport Design

chapter 9|24 pages

Designer's Role in the Automobile Industry

ByMike Tovey

chapter 10|22 pages

Integrating Design and Engineering in Developing Vehicles

ByMichael Dickison

chapter 11|18 pages

Designing the Interface

ByTom Wellings

chapter 12|18 pages

Passports to a Community of Practice

ByJane Osmond

chapter |10 pages


Transport Design in the Future
ByMike Tovey