Librarians must now work at a different level from that required 20 years ago, but the training available is not always appropriate or accessible to all. The authors of this volume have responded to this significant and continuing change within the profession by offering a much-needed guide to best practice for staff training and development in library and information work. This handbook addresses new aspects of service provision both in the UK and abroad, and provides an up-to-date review of the current developments that are becoming increasingly important to librarians through the influence of the electronic age and the widening of areas of professional involvement. The Handbook of Library Training Practice and Development will be invaluable to those responsible for the development of staff and line managers as well as providing a crucial insight into the information profession for anyone new to this career path or looking to develop their knowledge within it.

chapter |12 pages


ByAlan Brine

part 1|63 pages

Teaching and Training Users

chapter 1|14 pages

Teaching and Training Users of University Libraries Via Learning Technologies

ByHelen Booth, Margaret Kendall

chapter 2|19 pages

Training For Pedagogical Development

ByJo Webb, Chris Powis

chapter 3|27 pages

Facilitating Information Literacy Education (FILE)

BySusie Andretta

part 2|43 pages

Resource Management

chapter 4|25 pages

Preservation Training

ByGraham Matthews

chapter 5|15 pages

Management of Electronic Resources

ByFrances Boyle

part 3|56 pages

Services to Users

chapter 6|24 pages

Inclusion: Training to Tackle Social Exclusion

ByJohn Vincent

chapter 7|30 pages

Customer Service Training

ByBeryl Morris

part 4|120 pages


chapter 8|20 pages

Supporting First Line Managers

ByBarbara Allan

chapter 10|53 pages

Strategic Development

BySheila Corrall

chapter 11|30 pages


ByJane Walton

part 5|60 pages

Professional Development

chapter 12|12 pages

National and Vocational Qualifications

ByKath Owen

chapter 13|23 pages

Communities of Practice

ByBarbara Allan

chapter 14|22 pages

Evidence Based Practice

ByAndrew Booth

part 6|52 pages

International Developments

chapter 15|23 pages

The Australian Training Scene

ByRoss Harvey, Richard Sayers

chapter 16|26 pages

Library Training Practice and Development in the United States

ByTerry L. Weech