Islam and Political-Cultural Europe identifies the sometimes confusing and often contentious new challenges that arise in daily life and institutions as Islam settles deeper into Europe. Critiquing past and recent assimilation efforts in the fields of education, finance, and security, the contributors offer prospective solutions to diverse contemporary problems. Exploring the interactions of Muslim, Christian and secular cultures in the context of highly pluralized contemporary European societies, this book offers a valuable tool for those within and outside Europe seeking to understand the far-reaching implications of combining cultures, the struggles of the Muslim-Christian-secular transition, and the progress which the future promises.

chapter |4 pages


ByDavid M. Kirkham

part |39 pages

Islam and Legal and Political Culture in European Society: An Overview

chapter |14 pages

Liberal Secularism and European Islam

A Challenge to Muslims and Non-Muslims
ByHeiner Bielefeldt

chapter |24 pages

Muslim Minorities and Democracy

Battle of Memories versus Genuine Integration
ByGuy Haarscher

part |60 pages

Law and Politics

chapter |24 pages

Islam and the Law in Germany and Europe

ByMathias Rohe

chapter |16 pages

Muslims in Belgium

ByRik Torfs

chapter |18 pages

Private International Law

When Choice of Law Principles Invoke Islamic Rules—A French Perspective
ByIsabelle Barrière Brousse

part |109 pages

Education and Finance

chapter |10 pages

The Training of Imams

BySilvio Ferrari

chapter |30 pages

Secularism, Schools and Religious Affiliation

For a Demanding Account of Law no. 2004-228 of March 15, 2004
ByAlain Garay

chapter |18 pages

Religion, Education, and the Turkish Constitution

A Critical Assessment
ByLevent Köker

chapter |24 pages

Islamic Religious Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Between Coexistence and Segregation 1
ByÖnder Çetin

chapter |26 pages

Islamic Banking and Finance

Transplantable Models from Malaysia to the EU? 1
ByStefan Messmann

part |49 pages

Extremism and Security

chapter |12 pages

The Danish Cartoons Crisis Revisited 1

ByLisbet Christoffersen

chapter |16 pages

Islam, Muslims and Islamism

On Culturalization and Securitization
ByPetra Weyland

chapter |20 pages

Countering Extremist Ideological Foundations for Terrorism

Some Reflections 1
BySharyl Cross