As the largest group of natural resource managers on the planet, farmers are at the interface of the changing relationship between humans and the environment. Typically organised around what might be considered the most basic of social units, for generations the family farm has survived wide-ranging exogenous challenges, frequently preserving the line of succession to the next of kin. Now as we face major questions about how we use land and the impact of our land use on the global environment, farming once again faces a challenging and uncertain future. This book draws on the experiences of farmers in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Japan and the EU to examine the special features of family farms and, in particular, the tradition of succession which has enabled them to continue to have such a strong presence in the world today.

chapter 1|20 pages

Succession and Retirement in Family Farm Businesses

ByMatt Lobley, John R. Baker

chapter 2|16 pages

Australian Farmers' Attitudes Toward Succession and Inheritance

ByElaine Barclay, Ian Reeve, Roslyn Foskey

chapter 3|18 pages

New Patterns of Succession in the Australian Wool Industry

ByRoger Wilkinson

chapter 4|20 pages

Intergenerational Farm Business Succession in Japan

ByTomohiro Uchiyama, Ian Whitehead

chapter 5|18 pages

Farm Succession in Switzerland

From Generation to Generation
ByRuth Rossier

chapter 6|18 pages

‘Keeping the Name on the Land'

Patrilineal Succession in Northern Irish Family Farming
ByLinda Price, Rachel Conn

chapter 7|17 pages

Non-successional Entry into UK Farming

An Examination of Two Government-supported Schemes
ByBrian Ilbery, Julie Ingram, James Kirwan, Damian Maye, Nick Prince

chapter 8|20 pages

So What?

ByJohn R. Baker

chapter 9|16 pages

Facilitating Succession and Retirement in US Agriculture

The Case of Nebraska
ByDave Goeller

chapter 10|14 pages

Retired Farmer – An Elusive Concept

ByJoy Kirkpatrick

chapter 11|14 pages

Business Continuance and Succession Planning

A New Zealand Perspective
ByMandi McLeod

chapter 12|20 pages

Succession Planning in Family Businesses

Consulting and Academic Perspectives
ByPeter C. Leach

chapter 12|28 pages

From Generation to Generation

Drawing the Threads Together
ByIan Whitehead, Matt Lobley, John R. Baker