Knowledge management goes beyond data and information capture in computerized health records and ordering systems; it seeks to leverage the experiences of all who interact in healthcare to enhance care delivery, teamwork, and organizational learning. Knowledge management - if envisioned thoughtfully - takes a systemic approach to implementation that includes the embodiment of a learning culture. Knowledge is then used to support that culture and the knowledge workers within it to encourage them to share what they know, thusly enabling their peers, their organizations and ultimately their patients to benefit from their experience to proactively dismantle hierarchy and encourage sharing about what works, and what doesn’t to focus efforts on improvement. Knowledge Management in Healthcare draws on relevant business, clinical and health administration literature plus the analysis of discussions with a variety of clinical, administrative, leadership, patient and information experts. The result is a book that will inform thinking on knowledge access needs to mitigate potential failures, design lasting improvements and support the sharing of what is known to enable work towards attaining high reliability. It can be used as a general tool for leaders and individuals wishing to devise and implement a knowledge-sharing culture in their institution, design innovative activities supporting transparency and communication to strengthen existing programs intended to enhance knowledge sharing behaviours and contribute to high quality, safe care.

part 1|66 pages

Nature of Knowledge Sharing Environments

chapter 1|12 pages

What is Knowledge?

ByPamela Barnard, Judith Napier, Lorri Zipperer

chapter 2|20 pages

Healthcare Culture and Knowledge

ByBarbara Balik, Margaret Moylan Bandy, Michael Leonard

chapter 3|18 pages

The Healthcare Environment and Knowledge: Blunt End Experience

ByLorri Zipperer, Albert Wu

chapter 4|14 pages

The Healthcare Environment and Knowledge: Sharp End Experience

ByChristine Chastain-Warheit, Lorri Zipperer

part 2|36 pages

Knowledge Workers: Insights from the Frontline

chapter 5|10 pages

What Healthcare Knowledge Workers Can Teach Us About Knowledge Sharing

ByLorri Zipperer, Becky Steward

chapter 6|24 pages

Tacit Knowledge: Insights from the Frontline

ByLorri Zipperer, Cathy Tokarski

part 3|64 pages

Knowledge Sharing Metrics, Practicalities and Future Directions

chapter 7|16 pages

Can We Measure Knowledge Sharing Effectiveness?

ByMargaret H. Burnette, Michael G. Dieter, Annette L. Valenta

chapter 8|29 pages

To Boldly Go ... Initiating Knowledge Management1

ByLorri Zipperer, Kathryn Eblen Townsend, Heidi Heilemann

chapter 9|16 pages

Strategies for Knowledge Sharing: Lessons from Improvisation

ByGeraldine Amori, Jan Chindlund, Lorri Zipperer