The field of management consultancy research has grown rapidly in recent years. Fuelled by the drivers of complexity and uncertainty, a growing number of organizations – both profit and third sector alike – are looking at management consultancy to assist in their aims for development and change. Consultants have become a common feature in organizational change initiatives, involved in both providing advice and in implementing ideas and solutions. However, despite this growing recognition and influence, management consultancy is still often misunderstood or criticized for its lack of theoretical underpinning.

The book seeks to address these issues by offering applied theoretical insights from academics that both teach and practice management consultancy. Written by recognized experts in their field, the contributors combine original insights with authoritative analysis. Uniquely, this book identifies emerging themes with critical discourse and provides rich empirical case study evidence to show the reader how management consultancy projects are implemented. Real-world international consultancy projects are featured as written up cases featuring organizations from multi-national corporations to the public sector.

Written for graduate level managers or those who have practical leadership experience, this book will enable readers to apply management consultancy models beyond a classroom context

chapter |2 pages


ByGraham Manville, Olga Matthias, Julian Campbell

part I|114 pages

Applied academic discourse

chapter 1|14 pages

The management consultant

The Hermes of our time
ByIan Fouweather

chapter 3|12 pages

Create more value for all

A human dignity oriented approach to consulting
ByP. Matthijs Bal, Simon B. de Jong

chapter 4|14 pages

The role of client knowledge in consulting projects

Explorative, exploitative and ambidextrous approaches
ByJason Cordier, Alejandra Marin, Hilmy Cader

chapter 5|10 pages

To be or not to be an internal consultant

ByJulie Hodges

chapter 6|20 pages

Consulting in the public sector

ByRod Scott, Olga Matthias

chapter 7|13 pages

Applying research methods in strategy consulting

ByGraham Manville, Chand Chudasama

chapter 8|9 pages

Consultancy in management education

ByOlga Matthias, Julian Campbell

part II|135 pages

Practical implementation

chapter 9|-4 pages

Developing capacity for farm consultancy in New Zealand

ByLorraine Warren, Peter Allen

chapter 10|11 pages

A collaboration for better healthcare

ByAndrew Hine, Karen Lynas

chapter 11|17 pages

An organisational transition

A case of preparation, persistence and person centredness
ByElissa Farrow

chapter 12|19 pages

Richard Lewis Communications - cross-cultural management consulting

From cultural awareness to global competence
ByRichard D. Lewis, Iouri P. Bairatchnyi, Caroline M. Lewis

chapter 13|15 pages

Talent management within XYZ global investment bank

ByOliver Rodway, Graham Manville

chapter 14|20 pages

Making lemonade from lemons

The role of client-consultant knowledge as the Limoneira company goes global
ByJason Cordier, Tahir Hameed

chapter 15|11 pages

Case study

Public sector management consulting in Sub-Saharan Africa
ByElizabeth Kariuki

chapter 16|13 pages

Indigeneity and management consulting in Aotearoa New Zealand

ByJason Paul Mika

chapter 17|13 pages


The custodians of best practices
ByBrett Knowles, Graham Manville

chapter |2 pages


ByGraham Manville, Olga Matthias, Julian Campbell