Bringing together an international forum of experts, this book looks at how museums, libraries and further public cultural institutions respond to the effects of globalisation, mobility and migration across Europe. It puts forward examples of innovative practice and policies that reflect these challenges, looking at issues such as how cultural institutions present themselves to and interact with multicultural audiences, how to support networking across European institutions, and share practice in core activities such as archiving interpreting and exhibiting artefacts. Academics, practitioners from museums and public institutions and policymakers explore theoretical and practical approaches from a range of different disciplines such as museum and cultural heritage studies, cultural memory studies, social anthropology, sociology of organizations, cultural heritage management and cultural heritage informatics.

chapter 4|15 pages

Migrations and Multiculturalism: A Design Approach for Cultural Institutions

ByEleonora Lupo, Lucia Parrino, Sara Radice, Davide Spallazzo

chapter 6|10 pages

Europeana: Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age

ByEleanor Kenny

chapter 10|10 pages

‘Roma Routes’: Heritage as a Path to Dialogue

ByPatricia Reynolds

chapter 16|12 pages

Critical Objects: Museums, Refugees and Intercultural Dialogue

ByDomenico Sergi