Migration, Citizenship and Intercultural Relations reflects on the tensions and contradictions that arise within debates on social inclusion, arguing that both the concept of social inclusion and policy surrounding it need to incorporate visions of citizenship that value ethnic diversity. Presenting the latest empirical research from Australia and engaging with contemporary global debates on questions of identity, citizenship, intercultural relations and social inclusion, this book unsettles fixed assumptions about who is included as a valued citizen and explores the possibilities for engendering inclusive visions of citizenship in local, national and transnational spaces. Organised around the themes of identity, citizenship and intercultural relations, this interdisciplinary collection sheds light on the role that ethnic diversity can play in fostering new visions of inclusivity and citizenship in a globalised world.

chapter |10 pages


Social Inclusion: Exploring the Concept
ByFethi Mansouri, Michele Lobo

part |78 pages

Identity and Social Inclusion

chapter |20 pages

From Multiculturalism to Social Inclusion

The Resilience of Australian National Values since Federation
ByGiancarlo Chiro

chapter |12 pages

Constructing Australian Citizenship as Christian

Or How to Exclude Muslims from the National Imagining
ByFarida Fozdar

chapter |14 pages

Australian Muslims

Indicators of Social Inclusion
ByRiaz Hassan

chapter |16 pages

Waves of Migration Exclusion and Inclusion

The Experiences of Polish Australians
ByDanielle Drozdzewski

chapter |14 pages

The Deliberative Politics of Cultural

Diversity: Beyond Interest and Identity Politics?
BySelen Ayirtman Ercan

part |52 pages

Citizenship and Social Inclusion

chapter |12 pages

Whiteness and Australian Suburbia

ByMichele Lobo

chapter |14 pages

Avenues for Belonging

Civic and Ethnic Dimensions of Multicultural Citizenship in Australia
ByLejla Voloder

chapter |12 pages

Socially Inclusive School Environments

Identity Development and Active Citizenship
ByLouise Jenkins

chapter |12 pages

Negotiating Norms of Inclusion

Comparative Perspectives from Muslim Community Leadership in the West
ByFethi Mansouri, Michele Lobo, Rim Latrache

part |68 pages

Intercultural Relations and Spaces of Social Inclusion

chapter |16 pages

Social Cohesion/Social Inclusion in Australia

ByAndrew Markus

chapter |18 pages

Australian Racism and Anti-Racism

Links to Morbidity and Belonging
ByJacqueline K. Nelson, Kevin M. Dunn, Yin Paradies

chapter |16 pages

Transnationalism, Social Inclusion and the City

ByRuth Fincher

chapter |16 pages

Home, Mobility and the Encounter with Otherness

ByVince P. Marotta