Today’s era of intense globalization has unleashed dynamic movements of people, pathogens, and pests that overwhelm the static territorial jurisdictions on which the governance provided by sovereign states and their formal intergovernmental institutions is based. This world of movement calls for new ideas and institutions to govern people’s health, above all in Africa, where the movements and health challenges are the most acute. This book insightfully explores these challenges in ways that put the perspectives of Africans themselves at centre stage. It begins with the long central and still compelling African health challenge of combating the pandemic of HIV/AIDS. It then examines the global governance responses by the major multilateral organizations of the World Bank and the World Trade Organization and the newer informal flexible democratically oriented ones of the Group of Eight. It also addresses the compounding health challenge created by climate change to assess both its intensifying impact on Africa and how all international institutions have largely failed to link climate and health in their governance response. It concludes with several recommendations about the innovative ideas and institutions that offer a way to closing the great global governance gaps and thus improving Africans’ health and that of citizens beyond.

part |11 pages


chapter |10 pages

Moving Health Sovereignty in Africa

ByJohn J. Kirton

part |81 pages

Africa's Health Challenges and Concepts

chapter |12 pages

Moving Health Sovereignty

An African Perspective
ByObijiofor Aginam

chapter |14 pages

South Africa's Sovereignty and HIV/AIDS

ByAnnamarie Bindenagel Šehović

chapter |16 pages

AIDS and Security in the Twenty-First Century

ByPieter Fourie

chapter |10 pages

Conceptual Events

Bridging the Epistemological Divide among Stakeholders
ByDennis G. Willms

part |69 pages

Global Governance Responses

chapter |12 pages

Doing Things Differently

World Bank Health Governance Innovations in Sub-Saharan Africa
ByOscar F. Picazo

chapter |38 pages

G8 Health Governance for Africa

ByJohn J. Kirton, Jenilee Guebert, Julia Kulik

part |71 pages

Connecting Health and Climate Change in Global Governance

chapter |24 pages

The Impact of Climate Change on Health Governance and Sovereignty in Africa

ByNelson Sewankambo, James K. Tumwine, Hany Besada

chapter |24 pages

Connecting Climate Change and Health

The Global Governance Gap
ByJohn J. Kirton, Jenilee Guebert

part |13 pages


chapter |12 pages


ByJohn J. Kirton