This internationally edited collection addresses the issues raised by multi-owned residential developments, now established as a major type of housing throughout the world in the form of apartment blocks, row housing, gated developments, and master planned communities. The chapters draw on the empirical research of leading academics in the fields of planning, sociology, law and urban, property, tourism and environmental studies, and consider the practical problems of owning and managing this type of housing. The roles and relationships of power between developers, managing agents and residents are examined, as well as challenges such as environmental sustainability and state regulation of multi-owned residential developments. The book provides the first comparative study of such issues, offering lessons from experiences in the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

chapter |11 pages


ByAnn Dupuis, Sarah Blandy, Jennifer Dixon

chapter |15 pages

Multi-titled Tourism Accommodation Operations in Australia: The Queensland Context

ByKelly Cassidy, Chris Guilding, Jan Warnken

chapter |10 pages


BySarah Blandy, Ann Dupuis, Jennifer Dixon