Individuals need to survive and grow in changing and sometimes turbulent organizational environments, while organizations and societies want individuals to have the knowledge, skills and abilities that will enable them to prosper and thrive. Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is a means of coping with complex environmental changes and developments: it is a form of sophisticated career and life management. Personal Knowledge Management is an evolving concept that focuses on the importance of individual growth and learning as much as on the technology and management processes traditionally associated with organizational knowledge management. This book looks at the emergence of PKM from a multi-disciplinary perspective, and its contributors reflect the diverse fields of study that touch upon it. Relatively little research or major conceptual development has so far been focused on PKM, but already significant questions are being asked, such as 'is there an inherent conflict between personal and organizational knowledge management and how best do we harmonize individual and organizational goals?' This book will inform, stimulate and challenge every reader. By delving both deeply and broadly into its subject, the distinguished authors help all those concerned with 'knowledge work' and 'knowledge workers' to see how PKM supports and affects individuals, organizations and society as a whole; to better understand the concepts involved and to benefit from relevant research in this important area.

chapter 1|16 pages

The Nature and Value of Personal Knowledge Management

ByG. E. Gorman, David J. Pauleen

chapter 5|20 pages

Systems Intelligence as a Lens for Managing Personal Knowledge

ByRachel Jones, Jim Corner, Raimo Hämäläinen

chapter 6|16 pages

Managing your own Knowledge: A Personal Perspective

ByLarry Prusak, Jocelyn Cranefield

chapter 7|14 pages

Knowledge Management and the Individual: It’s Nothing Personal

ByDave Snowden, David J. Pauleen, Sally Jansen van Vuuren

chapter 8|14 pages

Managing Personal Connectivity: Finding Flow for Regenerative Knowledge Creation

ByDarl G. Kolb, Paul D. Collins

chapter 9|24 pages

No Knowledge but through Information

ByWilliam Jones

chapter 10|22 pages

Personal Knowledge Management and Knowledge Worker Capabilities

ByTom H. Davenport

chapter 11|40 pages

Exploring the Linkages between Personal Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning

ByRicky K. F. Cheong, Eric Tsui

chapter 12|34 pages

The Importance of Personal Knowledge Management in the Knowledge Society

ByKnowledge Society Karl Martin Wiig