Photography, Anthropology and History examines the complex historical relationship between photography and anthropology, and in particular the strong emergence of the contemporary relevance of historical images. Thematically organized, and focusing on the visual practices developed within anthropology as a discipline, this book brings together a range of contemporary and methodologically innovative approaches to the historical image within anthropology. Importantly, it also demonstrates the ongoing relevance of both the historical image and the notion of the archive to recent anthropological thought. As current research rethinks the relationship between photography and anthropology, this volume will serve as a stimulus to this new phase of research as an essential text and methodological reference point in any course that addresses the relationship between anthropology and visuality.

chapter |24 pages


Elizabeth Edwards and Christopher Morton
ByElizabeth Edwards, Christopher Morton

part 1|39 pages

Historicizing Visual Anthropology

chapter 1|28 pages

‘Distempered Daubs' 1 and Encyclopaedic World Maps

The Ethnographic Significance of Panoramas and Mappaemundi
ByAlison Griffiths

chapter 2|10 pages

Anthropology and the Cinematic Imagination

ByDavid MacDougall

part 2|51 pages

Institutional Structures

chapter 3|22 pages

Salvaging Our Past

Photography and Survival
ByElizabeth Edwards

chapter 4|28 pages

Frozen Poses

Hamat'sa Dioramas, Recursive Representation, and the Making of a Kwakwaka'wakw Icon
ByAaron Glass

part 3|103 pages


chapter 5|24 pages

The Initiation of Kamanga

Visuality and Textuality in Evans-Pritchard's Zande Ethnography
ByChristopher Morton

chapter 6|28 pages

‘For Scientific Purposes a Stand Camera is Essential'

Salvaging Photographic Histories in Papua
ByJoshua A. Bell

chapter 7|22 pages

Visual Methods in Early Japanese Anthropology

Torii Ryuzo in Taiwan
ByKa F. Wong

part 4|59 pages

Indigenous Histories

chapter 9|18 pages

Faletau's Photocopy, or the Mutability of Visual History in Roviana

ByChristopher Wright

chapter 10|24 pages

John Layard long Malakula 1914–1915

The Potency of Field Photography
ByAnita Herle

chapter 11|16 pages

‘Just by Bringing These Photographs…'

On the Other Meanings of Anthropological Images
ByLaura Peers, Alison K. Brown