What has become known as the Frankfurt School is often reduced to a small number of theorists in media communication and cultural studies. Challenging this limitation, Revisiting The Frankfurt School introduces a wider theoretical perspective by introducing critical assessments on a number of writers associated with the school that have been mostly marginalized from debate. This book therefore expands our understanding by addressing the writings of intellectuals who were either members of the school, or were closely associated with it, but often neglected. It thus brings together the latest research of an international team of experts to examine the work of figures such as the social psychologist Erich Fromm, the philosophy of Siegfried Kracauer, the writer on media and communication Leo Lowenthal, introducing Hans Magnus Enzenberger to the debate, whilst also shedding new light on the work of Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin and Jürgen Habermas. A critical reassessment of the contributions of the Frankfurt School and its associates to cultural, media and communication studies, as well as to our modern understanding of new media technology and debate within the public sphere, this book will appeal to those with interests in sociology, philosophy, social psychology, social theory, media and communication, and cultural studies.

chapter |6 pages


ByDavid Berry

chapter |20 pages

Siegfried Kracauer

Critical Observations on the Discreet Charm of the Metropolis
BySanda Miller

chapter |22 pages

Walter Benjamin in the Intellectual Field

ByAlan O’Connor

chapter |22 pages

Just Say No

Herbert Marcuse and the Politics of Negationism
ByPhilip Bounds

chapter |20 pages

Max Horkheimer

Issues Concerning Liberalism and Culture
ByDavid Berry

chapter |26 pages

Theodor Adorno and Dallas Smythe

Culture Industry/Consciousness Industry and the Political Economy of Media and Communication
ByRobert E. Babe

chapter |22 pages

Jürgen Habermas

The Modern Media and the Public Sphere
ByJulian Petley

chapter |24 pages

The Legacy of Leo Lowenthal

Culture and Communication 1
ByHanno Hardt

chapter |22 pages

On Erich Fromm

Why He Left the Frankfurt School
ByCaroline Kamau