Throughout history prostitution has always been a source of fierce debate; societies have either grudgingly tolerated it or tried (always unsuccessfully) to ban it. With the emergence of much more overt acceptance of all forms of sexual activity it has become more apparent that sex workers who ply their trade on the streets of our cities are a particularly vulnerable group at risk of violent attacks and assaults. The realization on the implications for such violence on society overall, led to the emergence of this volume. With research gathered from academics and practitioners hailing from various countries and fields, this edited collection will be invaluable for those who want to better understand the experience of street sex workers, the strategies available for managing this trade and how to help reduce the violence against the men and women who conduct it.

chapter 1|10 pages

Sex and Violence

The Experience and Management of Street Prostitution
ByDavid Canter, Maria Ioannou, Donna Youngs

part I|88 pages

The Experience of Street Prostitution

chapter 3|19 pages

Prostitute Homicide

The Influence of Prior Relationship on Perpetrator Behaviour
ByAbigail Holden, Lynsey Gozna, Laura Richards

chapter 4|18 pages

Street Prostitute Homicide

An Overview of the Literature and a Comparison to Sexual and Non-Sexual Female Victim Homicide
ByC. Gabrielle Salfati

chapter 5|9 pages

Comparison of Single and Serial Killers of Prostitute Women

ByJonathan A. Dudek, Devon D. Brewer, Christine Maguth Nezu, Arthur M. Nezu

chapter 6|20 pages

The Personal Safety of Male Prostitutes

ByJudith Connell

part II|110 pages

The Management of Street Prostitution

chapter 7|16 pages

They Get What They Deserve

Labour Rights for Sex Workers
ByMarjan Wijers, Marieke van Doorninck

chapter 8|18 pages

From Entry to Exit – Tackling Street Prostitution

ByMarianne Hester

chapter 10|14 pages

To Toe the Line

Streetwalking as Contested Space
ByHendrik Wagenaar, Sietske Altink

chapter 11|21 pages

Violence and the Outlaw Status of (Street) Prostitution in Canada

ByJohn Lowman

chapter 12|19 pages

Prostitution Control in America

Rethinking Public Policy
ByRonald Weitzer