Sustainability has become the key challenge for urban planners, housing and infrastructure policy makers. Citizens are increasingly encouraged to live more compactly; in denser urban developments, to use less water and other natural resources and to choose public transport. While councils, government agencies and private business invest in a broad range of promotions offering discounts on sustainable products and services, uptake has been slow and the impacts marginal at a time when environmental stresses suggest that we must act fast. This book examines this pressing problem in a holistic way, discussing broad-scale sustainability policies and programmes for achieving sustainable urban futures. It brings together academics and practitioners to analyze the complexity and interdependence of principles, models, processes and practices of sustainability in a range of integrated sectors as well as the establishment and maintenance of sustainable physical infrastructure in cities.

chapter 1|13 pages

Steering Sustainability: What, When and Why

ByMike Berry, Anitra Nelson

part I|51 pages

Transforming Cities

chapter 2|14 pages

A Sustainable Cities Framework for Housing

ByPeter Newman

chapter 3|12 pages

Ecopolis: Concepts, Initiatives and the Purpose of Cities

ByPaul F. Downton

chapter 4|12 pages

Permaculture: Design Principles for Urban Sustainability

ByDick Copeman

chapter 5|11 pages

Policy Approaches Incorporating Life Cycle Assessment

ByTim Grant

part II|70 pages

Collective Practices

chapter 8|11 pages

Indicators, Audits and Measuring Success

ByRichard Hyde, Richard Moore, Lydia Kavanagh, Melinda Watt, Karen Schianetz

chapter 9|13 pages

Sustainable Water Systems and Household Practices

ByJoe Hurley, David Mercer

chapter 10|12 pages

Integrated Waste Management and Zero Waste

ByGlenn Eales, Nutana Donaldson

part III|49 pages

Community and Civil Society

chapter 11|13 pages

Community Action and Engagement for Sustainability

ByJames Whelan

chapter 12|9 pages

WestWyck: An Urban Sustainability Demonstration Site

ByMike Hill, Lorna Pitt

chapter 13|12 pages

The Role of Leisure Time in Achieving Sustainability

ByRichard Denniss

chapter 14|11 pages

Local Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Sustainability

ByTavis Potts, John Merson, Michael Kachka

part IV|75 pages

Transforming Suburbs

chapter 15|13 pages

Innovating for Sustainability in Estate Development: VicUrban in Melbourne

ByTony Dalton, Geoffrey Binder

chapter 16|12 pages

Who Can Afford Sustainable Housing?

ByBill Randolph, Margaret Kam, Peter Graham

chapter 17|11 pages

Retrofitting the Australian Suburbs for Sustainability

ByTony Dalton, Ralph Horne, Wim Hafkamp, Margaret Lee

chapter 18|12 pages

Nurturing Nature in the City

BySarah Bekessy, Ascelin Gordon

chapter 19|13 pages

How Smart is ‘Smart'? – Smart Homes and Sustainability

ByMike Berry, Mark Gibson, Anitra Nelson, Ingrid Richardson

chapter 20|9 pages

Sustainable Futures

ByAnitra Nelson