This edited book is about the rationale, practice and classroom implementation of English-medium instruction courses in Chinese universities. It specifically focuses on classroom discourse analysis across different disciplines and settings. The main themes of this book are: describing the state educational policies toward English-medium instruction at the tertiary level; distinguishing English-medium instruction from mainstream foreign language learning; analyzing curricula and discourse at the classroom level and evaluating the learning effectiveness of these courses. This book covers the widespread implementation of English-medium courses in China across different disciplines, and it provides a window for researchers and practitioners from other parts of the world to see the curriculum design, lesson planning, discourse features and teacher-student interaction in English-medium classrooms in China. Contributors to this volume consists of a panel of highly respected researchers in the fields of bilingual education, English-medium instruction, classroom discourse analysis and language program evaluation.

Chapters include,

  1. Balance of Content and Language in English-Medium Instruction Classrooms
  2. English-Medium Instruction in a Math Classroom: An Observation Study of Classroom Discourse
  3. Asking and answering questions in EMI classrooms: What is the Cognitive and Syntactic Complexity Level?

chapter |19 pages


ByJing Zhao, L. Quentin Dixon

part II|68 pages

Classroom discourse

chapter 4|26 pages

English-medium instruction in a medical school

Managing classroom discourse
ByChenguang Chang

chapter 5|24 pages

English-medium instruction classroom discourse in a liberal arts school

History recontextualized
ByHui Yu, Meng Liu

chapter 6|17 pages

English-medium instruction in a Chinese university math classroom

An observation study of classroom discourse
ByFuhui Tong, Shifang Tang

part III|67 pages


chapter 7|18 pages

Evaluation of learning outcomes in an education course

Does it work?
ByMiao Li

chapter 8|19 pages

Using English to teach content courses in universities for nationalities 1

Policies, practices and challenges
ByAnwei Feng, Binlan Huang, Qiang Li, Fu Ma, Zhenai Zhang, Biao Zhang, Shuang Liang, Liang Li, Xianghua Pei

chapter 9|20 pages

Asking and answering questions in English-medium instruction classrooms

What is the cognitive and syntactic complexity level?
ByGuangwei Hu, Xiuhai Li

chapter |8 pages


ByL. Quentin Dixon, Jing Zhao