In this book, China-Latin America relations experts Margaret Myers and Carol Wise examine the political and economic forces that have underpinned Chinese engagement in the region, as well as the ways in which these forces have shaped economic sectors and policy-making in Latin America. The contributors begin with a review of developments in cross-Pacific statecraft, including the role of private, state-level, sub-national, and extra-regional actors that have influenced China-Latin America engagement in recent years. Part two of the book examines the variety of Latin American development trajectories borne of China’s growing global presence. Contributors analyse the effects of Chinese engagement on specific economic sectors, clusters (the LAC emerging economies), and sub-regions (Central America, the Southern Cone of South America, and the Andean region). Individual case studies draw out these themes.

This volume is a welcome addition to the growing body of literature on China-Latin America relations. It illuminates the complex interplay between economics and politics that has characterized China’s relations with the region as a second decade of enhanced economic engagement draws to a close. This volume is an indispensable read for students, scholars and policy makers wishing to gain new insights into the political economy of China-Latin America relations.

chapter |12 pages


The Political Economy of China–Latin America Relations in the 21st Century

part |128 pages

Cross-Pacific Statecraft

chapter |17 pages

One Actor, Many Agents

China's Latin America Policy in Theory and Practice

chapter |19 pages

China's Economic Statecraft in Latin America

Evidence from China's Policy Banks

chapter |23 pages

Chinese Foreign Aid to Latin America

Trying to Win Friends and Influence People

chapter |23 pages

Chinese Agricultural Investment in Latin America

Less There Than Meets the Eye?

part |125 pages

Development Trends Since the Turn of the Millennium

chapter |27 pages

After the China Boom

What Now for Latin America's Emerging Economies?

chapter |19 pages

The Agropolis

South America, China, and the Soybean Connection

chapter |33 pages

Central America, China, and the US

What Prospects for Development?

chapter |21 pages

Who wants what for Latin America?

Voices For and Against the China-Backed Extractivist Development Model

chapter |23 pages

China–Brazil Economic Relations

Too Big to Fail?

chapter |11 pages


Final Reflections on the China–Latin America Relationship