Countries in the Arab Gulf are currently experiencing some of the fastest rates of growth and progress in the world. Transforming Education in the Gulf Region argues that education systems in these countries need to use innovative pedagogies and best practices in teaching and learning to educate all citizens so that they obtain the knowledge and skills to be productive members of society. This book will contribute to the transformation of education in the Gulf countries by suggesting best practices, research outcomes and case studies from experts in the Gulf region.

It has become increasingly evident in recent years that Gulf countries need to use emerging learning technologies to cater for the needs of learners and to provide maximum flexibility in learning. There is also a growing practical need to use electronic technologies, since learning materials are more widely available in electronic formats than in paper-based formats. This book focuses on the role of emerging technologies and innovative pedagogies in transforming education in six Gulf countries in the region (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain). With contributions from experts around the world, the book argues that the time is right for Arab Gulf countries to make the transition to electronic learning and that they need to implement the outcomes of research and adopt best practices to transform and revolutionize education to prepare learners in the Gulf region for the 21st Century.

The book should be of interest to academics and students in the areas of higher education, learning technologies, education policy and education reform. It should also be of interest to educators and policymakers in the Gulf region.

part I|79 pages

Theoretical perspectives

chapter 1|14 pages

Adapting technology-enhanced learning to students' culture

Faculty perspectives

chapter 3|16 pages

Technology-enhanced language instruction

Are we in the loop?

chapter 4|15 pages

Blended learning

A promising learning and teaching approach for higher education institutions in the Arab States of the Gulf – a proposed open system model

part II|134 pages

Practical applications

chapter 7|12 pages


A network for producing and sharing online video lectures at Sultan Qaboos University

chapter 12|11 pages

Managing the change during e-learning integration in higher education

A case study from Saudi Arabia 1

chapter 13|10 pages

MOOC in the Arab world

A case study