At the time of his death, Stanislavsky considered Nikolai Demidov to be ‘his only student, who understands the System’. Demidov’s incredibly forward-thinking processes not only continued his teacher’s pioneering work, but also solved the problems of an actor’s creativity that Stanislavsky never conquered. This book brings together Demidov’s five volumes on actor training. Supplementary materials, including transcriptions of Demidov’s classes, and notes and correspondence from the author make this the definitive collection on one of Russian theatre’s most important figures.

chapter |24 pages

Nikolai Demidov

A Creative Biography

section Book One|76 pages

The Art of the Actor

section Book Two|42 pages

Actor Types

section Book Three|280 pages

The Art of Living Onstage

part II|62 pages

The Path of Spontaneous Reaction

part III|106 pages

Some Basic Principles and Techniques

part IV|58 pages

Guiding Freedom and Involuntariness

section Book Four|152 pages

The Artist's Creative Process Onstage

section Book Five|180 pages

Psycho-Technique of the Affective Actor