Digital Advertising offers a detailed and current overview of the field that draws on current research and practice by introducing key concepts, models, theories, evaluation practices, conflicts, and issues. With a balance of theory and practice, this book helps provide the tools to evaluate and understand the effects of digital advertising and promotions campaigns. New to this edition is discussion of big data analysis, privacy issues, and social media, as well as thought pieces by leading industry practitioners. This book is ideal for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, as well as academics and practitioners.

part I|65 pages

Research Foundations

chapter 1|16 pages

Revisiting the Interactive Advertising Model (IAM) after 15 Years

An Analysis of Impact and Implications
ByShelly Rodgers, Sifan Ouyang, Esther Thorson

chapter 2|12 pages

Network Advertising Model (NAM)

ByEsther Thorson, Shelly Rodgers

chapter 3|14 pages

Trends and Opportunities for Digital Advertising Research

A Content Analysis of Advertising Age, 2000–2015
BySamuel M. Tham, Shelly Rodgers, Esther Thorson

chapter 4|21 pages

A Systematic Analysis of Interactive Advertising Research through a Paradigm Funnel

ByTerry Daugherty, Vanja Djuric

part II|99 pages

Theory Breakthroughs

chapter 5|17 pages

Digital Advertising Clutter in an Age of Mobile Media

ByLouisa Ha

chapter 6|24 pages

Using Theory of Interactive Media Effects (Time) to Analyze Digital Advertising

ByS. Shyam Sundar, Jinyoung Kim, Andrew Gambino

chapter 8|14 pages

The Role of Reversal Theory in Digital Advertising

ByJae Min Jung, Kyeong Sam Min, Drew Martin

chapter 9|28 pages

Advertising (In)Attention in the Digital Environment

ByBrittany R. L. Duff, Yuliya Lutchyn

part III|89 pages

New Approaches to Research

chapter 10|19 pages

Digital Advertising in a New Age

The Power of (Tele)Presence
ByMatthew Lombard, Jennifer Snyder-Duch

chapter 11|19 pages

Using Digital Media to Improve Public Health Communication

ByMarla B. Royne, Kathrynn Pounders, Marian Levy, Amy Rebecca Jones

chapter 12|15 pages

Consumers’ Motivations for Lurking and Posting in Brand Communities on Social Networking Sites

ByMarijke De Veirman, Verolien Cauberghe, Liselot Hudders, Patrick De Pelsmacker

chapter 13|21 pages

Assessing the Financial Value of Digital Advertising

An Event Study Approach
ByChan Yun Yoo, Tae Hyun Baek

chapter 14|13 pages

Between an Ad Block and a Hard Place

Advertising Avoidance and the Digital World
ByLouise Kelly, Gayle Kerr, Judy Drennan

part IV|86 pages

Digital Media—Radiating Voices

chapter 15|26 pages

Who Creates Brand-Related Content, and Why? The Interplay of Consumer Characteristics and Motivations

ByDaniël G. Muntinga, Marjolein Moorman, Peeter W. J. Verlegh, Edith G. Smit

chapter 16|15 pages

Social Media Advertising

Unraveling the Mystery Box
BySaleem Alhabash, Juan Mundel, Syed Ali Hussain

chapter 17|10 pages

Targeted Digital Advertising and Privacy

ByHeather Shoenberger

chapter 18|17 pages

Exploring Player Responses toward In-Game Advertising

The Impact of Interactivity
ByLaura Herrewijn, Karolien Poels

chapter 19|16 pages

New Methods for Measuring Advertising Efficacy

ByDaniel McDuff

part V|75 pages

Evaluating Digital Advertising

chapter 20|17 pages

International Digital Advertising

Lessons from Around the World
ByCharles R. Taylor, John P. Costello

chapter 21|20 pages

A Review of Internet and Social Network Advertising Formats 1

ByFrancisco Rejón-Guardia, Francisco J. Martínez-López

chapter 22|16 pages

Measuring the Efficiency of Digital Advertising

ByAlbena Pergelova, Fernando Angulo-Ruiz

chapter 23|20 pages

Health Advertising in the Digital Age

Future Trends and Challenges
ByTim K. Mackey, Bryan A. Liang

part VI|35 pages

Future Research Trends and Opportunities

chapter 24|6 pages

The Role of Culture in Electronic Word-of-Mouth Communication

ByShu-Chuan Chu

chapter 26|4 pages

The Advent of Virtual Direct Experience (VDE) Research in Video Games

Integrating, Augmenting, and Informing Brand-Communication Strategies in Digital/Interactive Media
ByFrank E. Dardis

chapter 27|4 pages

Advertising in Video Games

An Overview and Future Research Considerations
ByAnthony M. Limperos

chapter 28|7 pages

Easy Loving

Understanding Affect in Social Media
ByAttila Pohlmann, Qimei Chen