The Routledge Handbook of Teaching English to Young Learners celebrates the ‘coming of age’ for the field of research in primary-level English Language Teaching. With 32 chapters written by international scholars from a wide geographical area including East Africa, Mexico, the South Pacific, Japan, France, the USA and the UK, this volume draws on areas such as second language acquisition, discourse analysis, pedagogy and technology to provide:

  • An overview of the current state of the field, identifying key areas of TEYL.
  • Chapters on a broad range of subjects from methodology to teaching in difficult circumstances and from Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) to gaming.
  • Suggestions of ways forward, with the aim of shaping the future research agenda of TEYL in multiple international contexts.
  • Background research and practical advice for students, teachers and researchers.

With extensive guidance on further reading throughout, The Routledge Handbook of Teaching English to Young Learners is essential reading for those studying and researching in this area.

chapter |10 pages


BySue Garton, Fiona Copland

part 1|82 pages

Macro Issues

chapter 1|17 pages

Languages policy and English for young learners in early education

ByRichard Johnstone

chapter 2|14 pages

The age debate

A critical overview
ByDavid Singleton, Simone E. Pfenninger

chapter 3|16 pages

Early language learning teacher education

BySarah Rich

chapter 4|13 pages

Young learners’ motivation for learning English

ByYingying Li, Ye Han, Xuesong Gao

chapter 5|20 pages

Teaching English to young learners in difficult circumstances

ByKuchah Kuchah

part 2|76 pages

In the young learner classroom

chapter 6|15 pages

Contexts of learning in TEYL

ByFarrah Ching, Angel M. Y. Lin

chapter 7|15 pages

Multilingualism in primary schools

ByVictoria Murphy

chapter 8|13 pages

Differentiated instruction for young English learners

ByAmanda L. Sullivan, Mollie R. Weeks

chapter 9|16 pages

Languages in the young learner classroom

ByFiona Copland, Ming Ni

chapter 10|15 pages

Classroom management for teaching English to young learners

BySubhan Zein

part 3|134 pages

Young learner pedagogy

chapter 11|17 pages

Fostering young learners’ listening and speaking skills

ByYasemin Kırkgöz

chapter 12|15 pages

Teaching reading and writing to young learners

ByJoan Kang Shin, JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall

chapter 13|17 pages

Teaching grammar to young learners

ByHerbert Puchta

chapter 14|14 pages

Vocabulary teaching for young learners

ByTorill Irene Hestetræet

chapter 15|13 pages

Critical pedagogy and teaching English to children

ByMario E. López-Gopar

chapter 16|22 pages

CLIL in the primary school context

ByMaria Ellison

chapter 17|19 pages

Learning through literature

ByJanice Bland

chapter 18|15 pages

Language learning through projects

ByWendy Arnold, Coralyn Bradshaw, Kate Gregson

part 4|106 pages

Technology and young learner curriculum

chapter 19|15 pages

Gaming and young learners

ByYuko Goto Butler

chapter 20|18 pages

Mobile learning for young English learners

ByFlorià Belinchón Majoral

chapter 21|18 pages

Classroom technology for young learners

ByShona Whyte, Euline Cutrim Schmid

chapter 22|18 pages

Syllabus development in early English language teaching

ByVirginia Parker, David Valente

chapter 23|15 pages

Materials for early language learning

ByIrma-Kaarina Ghosn

chapter 24|20 pages

Assessment of young English language learners

BySzilvia Papp

part 5|50 pages

Researching young learners

chapter 25|14 pages

Research issues with young learners

ByAnnamaria Pinter

chapter 27|18 pages

Research on learning English outside the classroom

ByPeter Sayer, Ruth Ban

part 6|78 pages

Teaching English to young learners

chapter 28|16 pages

Early English language learning in Africa

Challenges and opportunities
ByMedadi E. Ssentanda, Jacob Marriote Ngwaru

chapter 29|16 pages

Early English language learning in East Asia

ByLixian Jin, Martin Cortazzi

chapter 30|15 pages

Teaching English to young learners in Europe

ByShelagh Rixon

chapter 31|15 pages

Teaching English to young learners

Some reflective voices from Latin America
ByInés K. Miller, Maria Isabel A. Cunha, Isabel Cristina R. Moraes Bezerra, Adriana N. Nóbrega, Clarissa X. Ewald, Walewska G. Braga

chapter 32|14 pages

Teaching English to young learners across the Pacific

ByFiona Willans