Forced Migration: Current Issues and Debates provides a critical engagement with and analysis of contemporary issues in the field using inter-disciplinary perspectives, through different geographical case studies and by employing varying methodologies. The combination of authors reviewing both the key research and scholarship and offering insights from their own research ensures a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the current issues in forced migration.

The book is structured around three main current themes: the reconfiguration of borders including virtual borders, the expansion of prolonged exile, and changes in protection and access to rights. The first chapters in the collection provide both context and a theoretical overview by situating current debates and issues in their historical context including the evolution of field and the impact of the colonial and post-colonial world order on forced migration and forced displacement. These are followed by chapters framed around substantive issues including deportation and forced return; protracted displacements; securitising the Mediterranean and cross-border migration practices; refugees in global cities; forced migrants in the digital age; and second-generation identity and transnational practices.

Forced Migration offers an original contribution to a growing field of study, connecting theoretical ideas and empirical research with policy, practice and the lived experiences of forced migrants. The volume provides a solid foundation, for students, academics and policy makers, of the main questions being asked in contemporary debates in forced migration.

chapter 1|18 pages

Forced migration

Setting the scene
ByAlice Bloch, Giorgia Donà

chapter 2|25 pages

Conceptualising forced migration

Praxis, scholarship and empirics
ByRoger Zetter

chapter 3|16 pages

Why critical forced migration studies has to be post-colonial by nature

ByPaula Banerjee, Ranabir Samaddar

chapter 4|14 pages

Securitising the Mediterranean?

Cross-border migration practices in Greece
ByEftihia Voutira

chapter 5|14 pages

Protracted displacement

Living on the edge
ByJennifer Hyndman, Wenona Giles

chapter 6|18 pages

Deportation and forced return

ByNassim Majidi, Liza Schuster

chapter 7|20 pages

Displacement and the pursuit of urban protection

Forced migration, fluidity and global cities
ByLoren B. Landau

chapter 8|19 pages

Mobile technologies and forced migration

ByGiorgia Donà, Marie Godin

chapter 9|18 pages

Second generation from refugee backgrounds

Affects and transnational ties and practices to the ancestral homeland
ByMilena Chimienti, Anne-Laure Counilh, Laurence Ossipow

chapter 10|11 pages

Reflecting on the past, thinking about the future

Forced migration in the 21st century
ByGiorgia Donà, Alice Bloch