The Uralic Languages, second edition, is a reference book which brings together detailed discussions of the historical development and specialized linguistic structures and features of the languages in the Uralic family.

The Uralic languages are spoken today in a vast geographical area stretching from Dalarna County in Sweden to Dudinka, Taimyr, Russia. There are currently approximately 50 languages in the group, the largest one among them being the state languages Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian; other Uralic languages covered in the book are South Saami, Skolt Saami, Võro, Moksha Mordvin, Mari, Udmurt, Zyrian Komi, Mansi, Khanty, Nganasan, Forest and Tundra Enets, Nenets, and Selkup. The book also contains a chapter on Finnic languages, the reconstruction of Uralic, the history of Uralic studies, connections of Uralic to other language families, and language names, demographics, and degrees of endangerment. This second and thoroughly revised edition updates and augments the authoritative accounts of the first edition and reflects recent and ongoing developments in linguistics and the languages themselves, as well as our further enhanced understanding of the relations and patterns of influence between them. Each chapter combines modern linguistic analysis and documentary linguistics; a relatively uniform structure allows for easy typological comparison between the individual languages.

Written by an international team of experts, The Uralic Languages will be invaluable to students and researchers within linguistics, folklore, and Siberian studies.

chapter Chapter 3|59 pages

Reconstruction of Proto-Uralic

chapter Chapter 5|25 pages

Notes on the History of Uralic Linguistics

chapter Chapter 6|67 pages

South Saami

chapter Chapter 7|45 pages

Skolt Saami 1

chapter Chapter 8|39 pages

North and Standard Estonian 1

chapter Chapter 9|47 pages

Võro South Estonian 1

chapter Chapter 10|48 pages

The Finnic Languages

chapter Chapter 11|46 pages

Moksha Mordvin

chapter Chapter 12|49 pages

Mari 1

chapter Chapter 13|38 pages


chapter Chapter 14|51 pages

Zyrian Komi

chapter Chapter 15|38 pages


chapter Chapter 16|50 pages

Khanty 1

chapter Chapter 17|40 pages


chapter Chapter 18|60 pages

Forest and Tundra Enets

chapter Chapter 19|44 pages


chapter Chapter 20|42 pages


chapter Chapter 21|40 pages

Relative Clauses in Uralic

chapter Chapter 22|28 pages

Definiteness in Uralic