First published in 1985, this book explores the social history of the Irish in Britain across a variety of cities, including Bristol, York, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stockport. With contributions from foremost scholars in the field, it provides a thorough critical study of Irish immigration, in its social, political, cultural and religious dimensions.

This book will be of interested to students of Victorian history, Irish history and the history of minorities.

chapter |12 pages


BySheridan Gilley, Roger Swift

chapter |24 pages

The Irish in Nineteenth–Century Britain: Problems of Integration

ByM. A. G. Ó. Tuathaigh

chapter |22 pages

The Irish in Bristol in 1851: A Census Enumeration

ByDavid Large

chapter |26 pages

The Irish in York

ByFrances Finnegan

chapter |13 pages

English Working–Class Radicalism and the Irish, 1815–50

ByJohn Belchem

chapter |28 pages

A Comparative View of the Irish in Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century

ByBernard Aspinwall, John F. McCaffrey

chapter |21 pages

The Irish Press in Victorian Britain

ByOwen Dudley Edwards, Patricia J. Storey

chapter |30 pages

Irish and Catholic: Myth or Reality?

Another Sort of Irish and the Renewal of the Clerical Profession Among Catholics in England, 1791–1918
ByGerard Connolly

chapter |12 pages

Vulgar Piety and the Brompton Oratory, 1850–1860 1

BySheridan Gilley

chapter |34 pages

The Roman Catholic Church and the Irish Poor

ByRaphael Samuel