This outstanding new handbook offers unique coverage of all aspects of neuropsychological rehabilitation. Compiled by the world’s leading clinician-researchers, and written by an exceptional team of international contributors, the book is vast in scope, including chapters on the many and varied components of neuropsychological rehabilitation across the life span within one volume.

Divided into sections, the first part looks at general issues in neuropsychological rehabilitation including theories and models, assessment and goal setting. The book goes on to examine the different populations referred for neuropsychological rehabilitation and then focuses on the rehabilitation of first cognitive and then psychosocial disorders. New and emerging approaches such as brain training and social robotics are also considered, alongside an extensive section on rehabilitation around the world, particularly in under-resourced settings. The final section offers some general conclusions and an evaluation of the key issues in this important field.

This is a landmark publication for neuropsychological rehabilitation. It is the standalone reference text for the field as well as essential reading for all researchers, students and practitioners in clinical neuropsychology, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy. It will also be of great value to those in related professions such as neurologists, rehabilitation physicians, rehabilitation psychologists and medics.

section One|58 pages

General issues in neuropsychological rehabilitation

section Three|152 pages

Rehabilitation of cognitive disorders

letter a|4 pages


letter b|7 pages


chapter 24|13 pages

Rehabilitation of Challenging Behaviour in Community Settings

The Empowerment Behavioural Management Approach (EBMA)

section Four|78 pages

Rehabilitation of psychosocial disorders

chapter 26|13 pages

Third Wave Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies

328Compassion Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychotherapy

section Five|78 pages

Recent and emerging approaches in neuropsychological rehabilitation

chapter 37|9 pages

Social Robotics in Dementia Care

section Six|68 pages

Global and cultural perspectives on neuropsychological rehabilitation

chapter 39|12 pages

A Global Perspective on Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Maximising outcomes when funds are short

chapter 40|8 pages

The Importance of Culture in Holistic Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Suggestions for improving cultural competence

chapter 41|2 pages

Rehabilitation Around the World

Neuropsychological rehabilitation: a global overview

letter a|3 pages

Rehabilitation in India

letter b|3 pages

Rehabilitation in Iran

letter c|3 pages

Rehabilitation in Russia

letter d|3 pages

Rehabilitation in Taiwan

letter e|3 pages

Rehabilitation in mainland China

letter f|3 pages

Rehabilitation in Hong Kong

letter g|3 pages

Rehabilitation in Brazil

letter h|3 pages

Rehabilitation in Argentina

letter i|4 pages

Rehabilitation in South Africa

letter j|5 pages

Rehabilitation in Botswana