Mass Migration in the World-System brings to light the multiple experiences of migrants across different zones of the world economy. By engaging wide-ranging ideas and theoretical viewpoints of the migration process, the labor market for immigrants, and the rights of migrants, this book provides an important-and much needed-interdisciplinary perspective on the issues of mass migration.

chapter |10 pages


ByTerry-Ann Jones, Eric Mielants

part I|2 pages

Theorizing Migration

chapter 1|9 pages

1 Free Flows and Real Obstacles: Who Wants Laissez-Faire?

ByImmanuel Wallerstein

chapter 4|24 pages

4 Environmental Migration

ByRafael Reuveny

part II|2 pages

Labor Markets for Migrants

chapter 5|21 pages

5 Global Integration of Nursing Labor Markets: The U.S. Instance

BySalimah Valiani

chapter 6|20 pages

6 The U.S.–Mexico Commodity-Labor Exchange

ByKathleen C. Schwartzman

chapter 7|22 pages

7 In-Migration vs. Out-Migration: The Case of Kerala

ByK Ravi Raman

chapter 8|26 pages

8 Chinese Economic Expansion and Internal Migration

ByGanesh Trichur

part III|2 pages

The Rights of Migrants

chapter 11|19 pages

11 The Post-9/11 Anti-Immigrant Movement

ByCarina A. Bandhauer

chapter 12|16 pages

12 France’s Sans-Papiers: ICT and Sponsorship by Activist Movements

ByDana Diminescu, Mathieu Renault