At a time when same-sex marriage, gay adoption, and the rise of single-parent households challenge traditional views of the family, this innovative volume helps readers put such issues into social and legal perspective. Engster and Metz bring together essential readings in political and legal theory and organise them to illuminate pressing contemporary debates on the family: gender and justice, parents and children, the state and globalisation. Justice, Politics, and the Family is an engaging and a diverse addition to the area of critical legal theory and sociology.

chapter |12 pages


Justice and the Family in Western Political Thought

part I|48 pages

What Is the “Family”?

chapter 1|14 pages

Postmodern Families

chapter 2|13 pages

The Family and Civic Life

part II|50 pages

Justice, Gender, and the Family

chapter 5|21 pages

After the Family Wage

part III|50 pages

Parents and Children

part IV|50 pages

Families and the State

part V|36 pages

Multiculturalism, the Family, and Dilemmas of Justice

chapter 13|16 pages

Polygamy in America

part VI|24 pages

Globalization and the Family