"Divided Nations and Transitional Justice" is a collection of significant writings contributed by the late president Kim Dae-jung of the Republic of Korea and former president Richard von Weizsaecker of Germany. This book presents insightful views, lifetime career experiences, and expertise of the two prominent leaders in the critical fields of unification, peace, and justice and reconciliation. It centers on the cases of Korea, Germany and Japan, and considers how these countries have moved to address and come to terms with their wartime past. This book moves to deliver messages of hope and vision on how to further the values of peace, reconciliation and cooperation in the twenty-first century."

part |68 pages

Two Presidents on Peace and Unification of Divided Nations

chapter |10 pages

Reflections on the End of the War That Divided Germany 1

ByR. von Weizsäcker

chapter |6 pages

Power of Dialogue for Peace 1

ByKim Dae-jung

chapter |6 pages

Toward Peace on the Korean Peninsula 1

ByKim Dae-jung

part |51 pages

Can Japan Learn from Germany? Toward a Trustful Japan with Global Leadership

part |66 pages

The Younger Generation Takes Its Stand

chapter |7 pages

Japan's Dogeza and an Apology Consensus

ByLim Yei-Won

chapter |8 pages

Germany Is Still a Model for Japan to Follow

ByLee Shan-Hoo

chapter |5 pages

Reconciliation Triangle

ByKim Keon-Woong

part |10 pages