The voices of college students and teachers vividly enlighten readers about the real-world challenges of multicultural education. Courses on diversity abound in American universities today. But open classroom discussion of racial and gender differences can evoke discomfort as much as new understandings. Negotiating these courses takes a toll on both faculty and students as classrooms become filled with emotion. Based on student and teacher experience in a range of American colleges and universities, this book shows how to meet these challenges and create a truly open and beneficial environment. The authors demonstrate pedagogical strategies and new approaches. A vital resource for teachers, students, college administrators, and university libraries. Contents: Introduction. Dialogue on Diversity Teaching. From Silence and Resistance to Tongues Untied. The Racial Experiment. Starting with a Story and Sharing the Discussion Leading. Irritating, Supporting & Representing. Identity Matters in Class. What Lies Beneath. Conclusion.

chapter |19 pages


Pluralism, Power, and Politics: Discourses of Diverse Pedagogies and Pedagogies of Diversity

chapter |19 pages

Dialogue on Diversity Teaching

Reflections on Research, Pedagogy, and Passion for Social Justice

chapter |18 pages

Making Race Matter on Campus

Teaching and Learning about Race in the “Whitest State in the Union”

chapter |8 pages

Starting with a Story and Sharing the Discussion Leading

Tools and Tasks That Help in a Classroom Dealing with Diversity—Stumbling into an Affirmation of Feminist Pedagogy

chapter |15 pages

Irritating, Supporting, and Representing

Reflections of Faculty and Students of Color

chapter |18 pages

Identity Matters in Class

Conversations in Mixed Company

chapter |27 pages

Critical Multicultural Teacher Reflections

Counternarratives to Images of the White Male Blockhead

chapter |11 pages

What Lies Beneath

Critical Dialogue for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

chapter |9 pages


Where Do We Go from Here?