Since the 2005 publication of the highly acclaimed first edition of Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered, human trafficking has become virtually a household phrase. This new edition adds vitally important updates related to recent developments. A new introduction considers the term 'sex trafficking' and its growing use amongst feminist researchers. In a new chapter Ratna Kapur looks at changes in anti-trafficking legislation especially under the Obama administration. Jyoti Sanghera reports from her experience as a UN Human Rights commissioner and Bandana Pattanaik examines feminist participatory research on 'trafficking'. The book concludes with a list of relevant websites, organisations, and publications useful for students, researchers, and activists.

part |80 pages

Shifting Paradigms

chapter |22 pages

Unpacking the Trafficking Discourse

ByJyoti Sanghera

chapter |18 pages

Cross-border Movements and the Law

Renegotiating the Boundaries of Difference
ByRatna Kapur

chapter |21 pages

Miles Away

The Trouble with Prevention in the Greater Mekong Sub-region
ByPhil Marshall, Susu Thatun

chapter |16 pages

Reflections by an Anti-trafficking Activist

ByLin Chew

part |75 pages

Complicating the “Problem” of Sex Work

chapter |23 pages

From Anti-trafficking to Social Discipline

Or, the Changing Role of “Women's” NGOs in Taiwan
ByJosephine Ho

chapter |20 pages

Trafficking in Lives

How Ideology Shapes Policy
ByMelissa Ditmore

chapter |21 pages

The Myth of Nepal-to-India Sex Trafficking

Its Creation, Its Maintenance, and Its Influence on Anti-trafficking Interventions
ByJohn Frederick

chapter |7 pages

Sex Workers' Rights Organizations and Anti-trafficking Campaigns

ByKamala Kempadoo

part |71 pages

Reports from the Field

chapter |15 pages

Migration, Trafficking, and Sites of Work

Rights and Vulnerabilities

chapter |23 pages

Feminist Participatory Action Research in the Mekong Region

ByJan Boontinand

chapter |17 pages

Trafficked Persons or Economic Migrants?

Bangladeshis in India
ByNatasha Ahmad

part |32 pages

Looking Back, Looking Forward

chapter |18 pages

Revisiting Feminist Participatory Action Research

Because “A Woman's Life Is Richer Than Her Trafficking Experience”
ByRebecca Napier-Moore

chapter |12 pages

The Anti-trafficking Juggernaut Rolls On

ByKamala Kempadoo