Demonstrating the power of teaching global literature from a critical literacy perspective, this book explores the ways that K-6 educators can infuse diverse texts into their classrooms and find support for their endeavours in teacher inquiry communities. Through carefully analyzed, ethnographically informed portraits of classroom life alternating with teachers’ own accounts of their teaching and learning experiences, it demonstrates how students are moved to question, debate, and take action in response to global texts. This multi-vocal work both emerges from and responds to tensions and debates related to the purpose and practice of literature education in a time of Common Core State Standards.

chapter 1|17 pages


Global Visions, Local Inquiries

chapter 2|22 pages

Reading Global Literature as Emergent Global Citizens

Mirrors, Windows, Doors, and Maps

chapter 4|19 pages

Reading Global Literature about War

The Role of Emotion in Constructing Meaning

chapter 6|4 pages

Learning in the Inquiry Community

A Letter to Krista

chapter 7|2 pages

Learning in the Inquiry Community

A Letter to Heather

chapter 11|5 pages

Learning in the Inquiry Community

A Letter to Maggie

chapter 12|4 pages

Learning in the Inquiry Community

A Letter to Simeen

chapter 13|6 pages

Engaging in Local Inquiries and Cultivating Global Visions

What Did We Learn?

chapter 14|13 pages

Teaching Critically with Global Texts

Insights for Teacher Preparation and Professional Learning

chapter |7 pages