Everyday Women’s and Gender Studies is a text-reader that offers instructors a new way to approach an introductory course on women’s and gender studies. This book highlights major concepts that organize the diverse work in this field: Knowledges, Identities, Equalities, Bodies, Places, and Representations. Its focus on "the everyday" speaks to the importance this book places on students understanding the taken-for granted circumstances of their daily lives. Precisely because it is not the same for everyone, the everyday becomes the ideal location for cultivating students’ intellectual capacities as well as their political investigations and interventions. In addition to exploring each concept in detail, each chapter includes up to five short recently published readings that illuminate an aspect of that concept. Everyday Women’s and Gender Studies explores the idea that "People are different, and the world isn’t fair," and engages students in the inevitably complicated follow-up question, "Now that we know, how shall we live?"

part |166 pages

Part One

chapter |5 pages

“The Illest”

Disability as Metaphor in Hip Hop Music

chapter |5 pages

One Is Not Born a Bride

How Weddings Regulate Heterosexuality

chapter |9 pages

The Muslim Woman

The Power of Images and the Danger of Pity

chapter |4 pages

The Language Puzzle

Is Inclusive Language a Solution?

chapter |8 pages

“Guys Are Just Homophobic”

Rethinking Adolescent Homophobia and Heterosexuality

chapter |6 pages


chapter |9 pages

Access to the Sky

Airplane Seats and Fat Bodies as Contested Spaces

chapter |8 pages


To Pee or Not to Pee

chapter |5 pages

Death By Masculinity

part |241 pages

Part Two

chapter |9 pages

Widening the Dialogue to Narrow the Gap in Health Disparities

Approaches to Fat Black Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Health Promotion

chapter |12 pages

“National Security” and the Violation of Women

Militarized Border Rape at the US–Mexico Border

chapter |9 pages

Where Is Home?

Fragmented Lives, Border Crossings, and the Politics of Exile

chapter |8 pages

Interracial Romance

The Logic of Acceptance and Domination

chapter |10 pages


chapter |12 pages

DIY Fashion and Going Bust

Wearing Feminist Politics in the Twenty-First Century

chapter |16 pages

A Future for Whom?

Passing on Billboard Liberation

chapter |14 pages

From Collective Behaviour to Misbehaviour

Redrawing the Boundaries of Political and Cultural Resistance

chapter |9 pages

Lessons from Idle No More

The Future of Indigenous Activism